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Jersey Shore: Season 4 Finale Wrap Up

Ciao, Italia!

In last weeks episode of Jersey Shore, the crew had their last Sunday dinner and said they miss Jersey as they recap their last days in Italy.

Team Meatballs get wasted, but what else is new, Jwoww and Sammi oddly become close, Mike gets something else thrown at his head when he pisses off Deena, Deena has no luck in effing Pauly and Sammi says she hopes they all remain friends when they get back to Jersey.

Vinny calls first dibs on his same room when the gang gets back to Seaside, New Jersey and the drama that we heard about on the next season already begins.

Sammi doesn't want to room upstairs like last season and is suggesting MVP; Mike, Vinny and Pauly room together. Problem is...nobody wants to room with Mike! MVP has turned to VP as Pauly points out him and Vinny's "bromance."

All of the roomies are rather finding Mike quite annoying now and Mike says he's not sure if he is even joining them in Jersey. Towards the end of last weeks episode Mike is left feeling alone which brings us to this week as Mike continues to isolate himself from the rest of the roomies.

Finale Recap:

Ronnie calls Mike out on all his sh*t causing and tells Mike to fix the bridges he burnt and Ronnie said if doesn't he has to go. Mike says, "reallyyyyy!?"

Mike accepts the role as the villian for now and says he rather be by himself. Ronnie tells him to man up about his feelings and says if Mike wants to act like Angelina then let him act like Angelina.

The Situation's New Clothing Line is Being Called a Cheeseball In Paradise by TMZ, LOL!

Sammi, Vinny and Pauly show up to the pizzeria for their last day of work and Pauly is his hilarious, loud, usual self.

"I'm on break!!!" Lol.

Sammi and Ronnie go to the smush room while everyone is home as they walk past the rest of the boys.

When they come out the room Pauly has jokes and says, "Ron and Sam walk into the smush room and five minutes later they walk out for the walk of shame. The whole house knows it took five minutes for them to get their smush on, no wonder why Sam never smiles."

Mike calls up his sister, Melissa and says he needs to come home, he needs a break. He informs her that he's not going back to Jersey and Snooki overhears his phone conversation.

Snooki tells Deena what she hears and Deena thinks Mike just wants attention and they both say whatever.

The roomies go out clubbing and is it me or are you tired of Team Meatballs falling over, showing their cooka and getting extra drunk on every episode? It was funny in the beginning but I don't want the next season to be all about them because after awhile it gets played out, that's what I think.

The next day everyone has more Jersey talk and Pauly said he's embarrased to leave the house as pale as he is and can't wait to get to Jersey to go tanning.

They all said they're done with all the pasta and wine here in Italy and decide to have a BBQ. The girls clean up afterwards and Vinny said hell has froze over.

"Seeing Nichole cleaning is like seeing Mike with a condom, it just doesn't happen," Vinny joked.

Mike and Snooki have a one to one and Mike tells her he needs to get himself together and he's not going back to Jersey. Snooki said this news won't break her heart because Mike starts too much drama. But, Mike thought Snooki would tell him to stay.

"Here in Florence I def turned the corner in a big way with all the roommmates. You know what? You're not gonna take advantage of The Situation anymore, I'm done with it," Mike said.

Aww, his feelings are hurt.

They all decide to go site seeing and explore Italy's art and history. Once again, Mike alienates himself from the rest of the group.

Later on at dinner, Mike decides to interact with the group and he says he has a master plan and Mike apologizes to the group for causing drama.

But not everybody is buying his apology. "Michael's apologies are always bullsh*t to me. It's the same sh*t, different country," Jwoww said.

So everyone decides to party and do it up one last time and then be done with Italy. Someone bumps into Mike and he yells at the person. Pauly says Mike is starting drama because he wants attention again.

On the last morning, Mike makes everyone their last breakfast in Italy. He announces that he WILL be going to Seaside with them and when you see the looks on everyone's face...they don't look to happy about Mike's decision.

"I know that Mike deep down is a good person, but Mike's personality is a hard one to deal with, so what can I do but to accept it and see what happens in the future," Vinny said.

"Jersey here I come! I always got something up my sleeve and it's going to be a situation," Mike said.

"This house is kind of like a foster home with eight adopted children, we fight, we argue but in the end everything always gets fixed and we love each other," Ronnie said.

Well, the Jersey Shore crew seem super excitied to go back to Jersey but that doesn't last for long, I heard the roomies start to get tired of each other and a couple of them leave the house.

"Italy was really cool but Mike is such a f*cking problem starter it's like something I feel like needs to be done until it escalates into something crazy," Sammi said.

"I have no problem being the villain, I will take on the whole house at once...say hello to the bad guy," Mike said.

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