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Jersey Shore: The Snitch-uation Strikes Again & Jwoww Keeps it All the Way Real and calls Snooki Out

After the deed is done between Snooki and Vinny, I found it quite funny when Snooki is shown getting out of Vinny's bed early in the morning with the confused face on.

"What the f*ck just happened, what did you just do," Snooki asks herself.

She wakes up Jwoww early in the morning and tells her she slept with Vinny. Snooki said at this point she doesn't care because she told Jionni she was done over the phone. Okay folks remember this line because Snooki completely does a three-sixty later on.

Jwoww tells Snooki about the crap that Mike was saying the night before and Snooki continues to stick with her story, saying she didn't do anything with Mike. Snooki says Mike got mad at her during the supposed hook up night because he can't handle rejection well.

Mike is fed up with all the talking and decides to teach Snooki a lesson, so he says, and when Jwoww and Snooki leave the house for early morning drinks, Mike calls up his friend, Unit, the friend who was doing Snooki's friend the night when Snooki supposedly hooked up with Mike.

Mike's friend laughs when Mike tells him he put Snooki on blast. Mike's story is that his friend and Snooki's friend were hooking up then Snooki got horny and dropped down on her knees to give Mike "special attention," then she supposedly told Mike not to ever say anything.

"Pretty much my master plan is gym, tan, who's the rat?" Mike said.

Mike tells Ronnie that he's getting tired of people not treating him right in the house. Mike also says that he wants to show people in the house that you can't believe everything you hear. So he decides to lie as he tells Ronnie that he gave his friend Jionni's number to tell Jionni everything that happened.

Mike said he planted the seed and lied on purpose to see who is the rat in the house.

Sammi happens to walk pass and overhears Mike telling Ronnie the lie and she goes straight to Deena and tells her that Mike's friend is going to call Jionni.

Mike tells Deena and Sammi the lie and the girls say that's f*cked up of Mike and they're going to tell Snooki. But Mike says go right ahead.

Ronnie wants no part of it and says, "I'm minding my business I don't give a sh*t."

Mike lets Pauly in on his practical joke and Pauly is just waiting for the fireworks to explode in the house.

Well, as soon as Sammi gets home from work she goes straight to Snooki and tells her what Mike supposedly did. Well that didn't take long and Snooki marches right out of her room and goes up to Mike who is sitting in the living room. She hits him and says, "stop getting in my business!"

Ronnie watching in shock
as Snooki throws the wine bottle
A million f*ck you's fly out of Snooki's mouth and she chases Mike around the room. Since she's unable to catch him she starts throwing anything thing she can get her hands on to hit Mike with, including a wine bottle. Mike is ducking and dodging the items thrown his way.

Vinny had to blurt out to Snooki that it was a joke but she wouldn't stop throwing things and yelling to hear Mike out.

Everyone tries to calm Snooki down
Mike explains why he made the joke up and Snooki is actually standing there looking stupid.

The girls fell right into Mike's trap. He proved what he set out to do, to see who the rats are and instead of listening to gossip and assuming, Mike says Snooki should confront him first.

I get what Mike was doing but it could have been handled in a better way to prove a point.

Mike is pointing out the rats

Snooki starts crying and yelling at Mike to get away from her because she's still pissed even though it was all a joke.

"This is definitely my most well thought out evil plan but the prank that I pulled was a necessary evil," Mike said.

Snooki said she's done with Mike from this point forward.

"You would think that he (Mike) would have learned to stop after awhile because he got punched in the face, he ran into a wall and now he's getting champagne bottles thrown at his head. How many wake up calls does Mike need?" Vinny said.

After the drama settles, the boys take a trip to Sicily and visit Vinny's neck of the woods. The girls stay back and do their own thing, wine tasting.

While at the winery, the ladies talk to Snooki about her relationship and Jwoww speaks her mind. She tells Snooki to man up and own up to her mistake. 

Snooki said she slept with Vinny because Jionni was pissing her off and she wanted to be done with Jionni but then she says she still loves Jionni.

Jwoww calls Snooki out and says she is done with Jionni now, "If you loved him (Jionni) you wouldn't have done that with Vinny."

Boom! Truth hurts.

Later on, the ladies continue drinking at the winery and Snooki and Jwoww start up again. Jwoww checks Snooki and said she'll air it all out right there and then and she said don't be mad at the truth.

"Don't sit here and cry and feed people lies, you're feeding everybody in this house but me lies," Jwoww said.

Snooki gets mad and leaves the winery after Jwoww airs out her dirty laundry. Aww snap so the truth comes out! I'm sensing Mike was telling the truth and Snooki lied all along and kept denying it.

Snooki gets upset and says Jwoww isn't being a good friend. She can't take Jwoww's realness. Snooki obviously wants the girls to sugercoat sh*t for her and tell her everything will be alright but Jwoww is keeping it real and tells Snooki to move on.

Well, Snooki and Jwoww make up later. Snooki calls her dad and says she misses Jionni. Her dad says Jionni changed his Facebook relationship status to single.

She calls Jionni afterwads and he starts screaming right off the back, "why do you want to talk to me? You broke up with me. You broke my f*cking heart."

Snooki tells Jionni she wanted to go on a break not break up. She tells him all she does is wake up thinking about him and she goes to sleep thinking about him.

Now this is hilarious because she obviously wasn't thinking about Jionni on the night she crawled in Vinny's bed. Well, she tells Jionni she hooked up with Vinny but says they didn't have sex, another lie.

"Tell Vinny when I see him he's dead, he's done, f*ck you!" Jionni said to Snooki and hangs up on her.

Well Snooki doesn't give up on Jionni and she calls him again the next day. Jionni tells Snooki he wants to know the truth about her and Vinny's hook up. She tells Jionni some details of their hookup but still says her and Vinny didn't have sex. 

And I didn't see this coming, but Jionni actually gives Snooki another chance and he tells her don't f*ck him over this time.

The boys get back home and Snooki asks Vinny about their hook up because she can't remember, she was that drunk.

Vinny tells Snooki they got it in and now Snooki says she has to tell Jionni because she blacked out and honestly thought her and Vinny didn't have sex.

The episode ends with Snooki admitting to Jionni that Vinny scored all the way, oh boy I can't wait to hear his response on this one and after he already accepted her back.

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