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The Real World: Frank Has Another Drunken Episode and Spazzes Out

The new roomies have been around each other for three days and this week we learn out more about them; like when they lost their virginity, as the topic of conversation pops up.

Ashley said she's the hopeless romantic type and when she falls for someone she falls hard. Uh-oh watch out Zach because she's got her eyes on him.
Frank apologizes to Alexandra for how he acted on last weeks episode and said he's very possesive.

He shares his family's history and said the relationship with his parents is not very good. He tells Alexandra that him and his father used to physically fight and his dad would call him a faggot.

Premiere Recap: One Roommate is Already Crazy Nuts

Nate and Sam head out to the beach to pick up girls. Nate says he's picking up chicks for Sam as she's his wing man. Sam winds up picking up more girls than him and she said Nate didn't spit his game hard enough.

"I don't mean to upset Nate, yes I'm supposed to be his wingman but sometimes you gotta take them all for you," Sam said.

Later, Nate and Sam initiate a prank war by hiding a bunch of mini personal voice recorded alarm clocks in the girls rooms. They both wait up until five in the morning so they can be awake when the alarms go off. Mission accomplished, the girls were pissed.

The roomies go out to the club later that night and it sucks for Priscilla, she drops them off but is too young to join them. Ashley and Zach get a little close on the dance floor but he still keeps his distance from her, for now.

"Regarding Ashley and I hooking up, never say never. As soon as you say never, you never know what's going to happen," Zach said.

Nate meets a chick named Dana whom he nicknames "Baby Blue." He takes her for a walk on the beach and it doesn't take that long for the two to start kissing. The next day, Nate takes her out on a date and says he already see's himself falling for her.

Well, Nate was digging this new girl "Baby Blue" way too fast. He asks her out to dinner again and after they make plans she cancels on him, saying she's not ready to go anywhere. Yup, she totally blew him off and he's pissed.

But it doesn't take Nate long to move on as he surrounds himself with a group of chicks. He meets another chick named Dana, how ironic, but he says this Dana is not as hot as the first one but he hangs out with her later on anyway.

Nate and the 2nd Dana don't vibe too well and when he brings her back to the house he wants to ditch her and go out with his roommates instead. While she uses the bathoom, Nate does "the dip" as it's called and leaves Dana in the house. He hops in the car with the other roomies to go off and party.

"I got ditched by Dana so I'm so gonna ditch a Dana," Nate said.

Alexandra calls her boyfriend and he tells her being away is really starting to get to him.

"I feel like a really bad girlfriend, I feel like I'm doing something wrong anytime I hear him unhappy... I feel like being here is really hurting my relationship," she said.

Alexandra talks to the wrong person about her relationship problems, she talks to Frank. He says he probably won't even have to step in since she's already talking about boyfriend problems.

Later while Alexandra practices her music for the first time in the house, Frank says he's blown away by her everyday.

Well, since Frank can't get Alexandra right now, he starts talking to other chicks when everyone goes out again, so he can "get it in", as he says. Frank starts hitting on guys and girls but gets shut down and the drinks start flowing. 

"When Frank drinks he gets upset. Whatever is causing him to drink so much it's something that's really hurting him," Alexandra said.

"Being rejected digs into me, I don't know how to react to it," Frank said.

During the ride home, the monster starts coming out of Frank and he starts banging the glass window. He picks a fight with his roomies and even asks Ashley, "why are you a slut?" out of nowhere. It even looked like he would have taken a swing at Priscilla who was driving, if Nate didn't hold him back in the seat.

"I'm just really confused by Frank, he's just in his mind making himself think that people are against him rather than with him and that's never good," Ashley said.

Frank thinks everyone is out to get him and feels people don't respect him. He said he doesn't want to be the odd man out because of his sexuality. The roommates think Frank's behavior will escalate and only get worse.

The next morning Frank realizes a different vibe between him and his roommates and starts to feel uncomfortable. Alexandra addresses Frank and tells him it causes concern when he drinks.

Frank said he had no intention of hurting his roomies while he was drunk and he sits everyone down to apologize and explains his story about the relationship with his parents. Frank said his dad told him to get the f*ck out the house a week before he was on the show.

Zach and Nate said to each other, they don't like talking about feelings.

"There are few reasons why a man should cry and this is not one of them," Zach said. Zach also said Frank is on his period and is self destructive.

Later on, Frank asks Alexandra if she see's herself marrying her boyfriend. Alexandra says she hopes so and  says she can't see herself with anyone else at this point.

Like back off already Frank! Geeez.