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Kelly Rowland's "Lay It On Me" Video Copied? Uh oh.

Kelly Rowland dropped her video for "Lay It On Me" which features rapper Big Sean on Wednesday and the video already has some problems.
It seems as if originality is hard to come by nowadays, Beyonce was accused of plagiarism in her latest "Countdown" video and now it is being said that Kelly's video may have some copied pieces as well.

The difference between Kelly and Beyonce is that Beyonce admitted to "borrowing" dance moves from a dance choreographer in Belgium  and said she was inspired. But, Anne said she didn't give permission to use the moves and says the video is "pure plagiarism"

Kelly's video was directed by British fashion photographer and director Sarah Chatfield. Supposedly, this director was also the director of a one hit wonder artist from Barbados named Livvi Franc (seen below to the right). The director used some of the same concepts from Livvi in Kelly's video. Wow!

Kelly Rowland Lay It On Me Comparison

Kelly Rowland vs. Livvi Franc