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Is it a "Happy Sweetest Day" For You?

I find out the most interesting things on Twitter. Early this morning I saw #HappySweetestDay as a trending topic. So, this prompted me to look it up because I never heard of it. And as I thought it's basically a bootleg Valentines Day but not as popular.

Sweetest Day is celebrated every third Saturday in October. 


According to Wikipedia, "Sweetest Day started as a promotion concocted by Cleveland confectioners in 1921. There were also several attempts to start a Sweetest Day in New York City, including a declaration of a Candy Day throughout the United States by candy manufacturers on October 8, 1922."

Sweetest Day is an observance celebrated primarily in the Great Lakes Region (which includes New York) and parts of the Northeast United States

Today, Sweetest Day is still celebrated in parts of the United States, despite many saying it's a "Hallmark holiday." 

So is it a Happy Sweetest Day for you today? I'll pass on saying this, it seems like another excuse just to buy your loved one candy and flowers, that can be done on any day.