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Reed Between the Lines Premiere & Thoughts About the Show

The full cast of Reed Between the Lines
 So I was just catching up on the new BET show, Reed Between the Lines and I think this will be a new show I blog about.

TV veterans Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm-Jamal Warner head back into the sitcom world in this new show which reminds me of a modern day version of the The Cosby Show and My Wife and Kids as the show sticks with the family, comedy, drama theme.

Reed Between the Lines made its debut last week on BET in a two-part premiere and the show is about a happily married couple living an upper middle-class life in suburban New York City with their three children as they deal with family things and obstacles

As I watched the show I can't help but to think about Girlfriends and The Cosby Show. 

As a fan of both shows, watching Reed Between the Lines makes me imagine that Ross' new character is still Joan from Girlfriends and she finally got a man in the future and now we're seeing Joan married and with a family... finally! 

“Carla has a lot more faith, is a lot less neurotic and she has a man behind her and at her side,” Ross told of her new role, as she compared her old and new characters.

Also, I picture Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Theo from The Cosby Show who now grew up and on this new show we're now seeing him married to Joan and playing the father figure as Cliff did on The Cosby Show

I'm sure I can't be the only one thinking this.

I'm also expecting for Cliff, Claire and all of Joan's friends to make an appearance on the show. That would be cool if they did.

So now that we have Joan and Theo together, now they're known as Dr. Alex and Carla Reed on Reed Between the Lines.

The kids
Dr. Carla Reed plays a therapist and sometimes her therapeutic ways come out at home and in her personal life.

Dr.Alex Reed plays a NYU english professor who is always grading papers but at the same time, both of these characters have to deal with their children who always have some sort of problem.

The three children are; Alexis, Keenan and Kaci.

The two oldest siblings tend to go at it back and forth and both think their little sister, Alexis is spoiled because she's the youngest.

Recap below:

Anna Maria Horsford
playing the role of Helen
We see Carla's office on the first and second episode where we meet two more of the cast members; Ms. Helen played by well-known sitcom actress Anna Maria Horsford. Ms. Helen is the assistant of Carla.

And we have Gabriella Jimenez being played by Melissa De Sousa who also works in Carla's office as an acupuncturist. Ms. Helen likes to call Gabriella a voodoo doctor from time to time.

Melissa De Sousa
playing the role of Gabriella
We learned a few things in the show: Never let your man have lunch with their ex, noone should be friends with their ex, as Gabriella says.

Gabriella walks in the office and tells Carla she's upset because her man wants to have lunch with his ex. Carla says Gabriella is overreacting because it's just lunch, but Gabriella says that's how it starts.

She continues to say, next thing you know they're talking, laughing, reminscing about old times, then they start wondering why they broke up in the first place, then they're on a Carribean cruise while she's left explaining to a judge why his house accidentally burnt down.

Robin Givens makes a guest star appearance on the show as one of Carla's patient with a sex addiction. While dealing with this client, Carla finds out she'll be dealing with more trouble as she runs into the client outside of the office.

When Carla's patient (Robin Givens) meets her husband Alex, she gets a little too close for comfort around for Carla.

Ms. Helen lets Carla know that this woman isn't competition and that she is only a fantasy while Carla is the reality.

Carla feels a little intimidated in thinking she now has to step up her sexiness in the bedroom to provide a fantasy for her husband. As some women would feel threatened by another woman's presence around their husband, so she tells Alex she just wants to be sexy for him.

"It doesn't bother you that my panties don't always match my bra?" Carla asks Alex. 

Alex responds, "If you haven't noticed I'm a guy, if you're already in your underwear that train has already left the station."

Alex lets Carla know just because other women are around does not mean he will cheat. Carla's ex gets mentioned as Alex lets her know he loves her, he's not her ex and he's happy with what he has. So I'm sure we'll get to hear more of Carla's back story about her ex and what he did.

Towards the end of the first episode, the couple is in bed and Alexis, the youngest daughter has a bad dream so she gets in the bed with the parents. The two oldest kids come in the room and join in the sleepover and hop in their parents bed as well. This scene reminds me of the times when Rudy and Vanessa would hop in Cliff and Claire's bed on The Cosby Show.  

Overall, good show so far, a lot of comparisons to the past shows that I mentioned and I hope the ratings continue to do well so it can stay on air for awhile.

- Two new episodes of Reed Between the Lines; "Let's Talk About Anger Management" and "Let's Talk About Hair" premiere tonight with two back to back half-hour episodes at 10 and 10:30 p.m. on BET.