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Bad Girls Club: The Ladies Have Enough of Tasha's Complaining and Judi's Drunken Ways

Episode 11: Keeping it 100

Tasha calls Nastasia a low down cockroach when Shelly tells Tasha she is going to hang out with Nastasia.

I know many of you are like Nastasia is so phony, how is she going to hang out with Shelly like they're all buddy buddy now. But Nastasia swears it's apart of her plan and she says she's on a mission to get Tasha out the house. So Shelly and Nastasia go out and explore a sex shop together.

"Shelly you are a puppet to get rid of Tasha and you don't even realize it, I hope you enjoy playing my game because it's not over yet sweetheart," Nastasia said.

But Judi says, "Being cordial has nothing to do with being up somebody's a**."

The new girl, Cheyenne hangs out with Judi and says she feels bad because it seems like Judi needs a friend.

(I haven't blogged about the Bad Girls Club for almost a month, since Priscilla got kicked off the show for fighting Judi who poured cereal and milk on Priscilla, and what a good fight that was that I had to post it below. Now Cheyenne is Priscilla's replacement.)

The Final Showdown With Priscilla & Judi? by thatsfunny

Judi and Cheyenne
So Judi and Cheyenne go to a shop to get Judi's doll "Miss Voodoo" fixed and patched up.

Judi is serious about that voodoo doll and considers the doll a friend who is there for her when the girls aren't, umm okaaayyy Judi. 

Judi and Cheyenne hang out at a bar afterwards and Cheyenne scoops up a guy to bring home, saying she just wants someone to snuggle up with it.

"Finally, I'm not the only one hooking up with guys here, another bad girl is in the building," Judi said.

"I think it's interesting that Cheyenne just brought a random guy home and let him feel her up on the first night, he needs to work a little bit harder don't you think?" Angie said.

The other ladies go bowling and Angie says when hanging out with Tasha always be prepared for complaining to come along.

"She complains, she complains, she complains...why are you even here," Nastasia said.
When the girls return to the house, Shelly remembers the contact situation when she decided to destroy Nastasia's contacts but Shelly decides not to worry about the situation and keeps quite about it.

"...I can play cordial all day but the moment I find out whose touching my sh*t, I'm beating a** on spot," Nastasia said.

Angie and Tiara start talking and Angie slips up when she tells Tiara, when Nastasia finds out Shelly ruined her contacts she is going to be furious. Now I'm not sure if Angie meant to tell Tiara that but Tiara said she's going to tell Nastasia the information when the time is right.

Judi believes if all the girls are around to break Miss Voodoo's curse to "bring the doll back to life" as she says, then maybe there will be peace inside the bad girls club house.

Yea right. There is never peace in the bad girls club house

Later on, the girls receive a box with a note inside telling them they're going to Barbados.

"The mood of the house is actually pretty legit right now, I mean nobody really likes Judi but that's normal. So I'm hoping throughout this trip that everybody behaves because this is my vacation, noone is going to ruin that," Shelly said.

Well everybody has a good time in the beginning until the girls go out to a club on  their first night in Barbados. Tasha starts complaining again and it starts bugging the girls.

Cheyenne finds Judi to be really chill and maybe they will start to be good friends because Judi feels Nastasia is playing her out now and doesn't understand Nastasia's "friendship" with Shelly.

Tasha complains some more when all the girls go on a pirate ship to party. Tasha feels she's too much for a pirate ship and thinks she should be red carpeted to the ship, so she says.

Afterwards, they all go out to eat and some of the ladies get mad when Judi takes a couple of shots because they don't like how she acts when she's drunk and Nastasia gets annoyed when Judi decides to speak up.

"It's hard ignoring Judi just because of the amount of anger I have built up inside of me. By her completely ignoring everything I'm telling her and her continuing to get drunk is like her telling me 'f*ck me' to my face after trying to help her," Nastasia said. 

Nastasia said she's done with feeling bad for Judi.

Judi doesn't care what the other ladies think about her actions and says, "We're in Barbados, you know what I'ma do? I'ma take a bottle to my face and show my cooka everywhere."
Nastasia says the ladies choose to "upscale" their restaurant choice the next time they all go out, since Tasha is always talking about high class restaurants. Tasha said she's glad she's rich enough to go to places like that.

"I don't know if it's the way she's been raise or if she's not aware of the way she comes off but it's just ridiculous, Tasha drives me insane," Cheyenne said as she starts to notice Tasha's constant complaining. But says the girl who complained in a recent episode about always going to an all black club.

Nastasia said, "Tasha irritates me because she complains about every damn thing. No matter how much money you have it doesn't make you look better."

As the girls pack up to leave Barbados, Angie feels like when they get bad to New Orleans the drama will be waiting for them.

Nastasia says she cannot spend the last of her days in New Orleans dealing with Tasha and Judi's crap and decides it's time for Tasha to leave and she says she is going to scare Judi straight.

As soon as the ladies step in the house, Nastasia doesn't waste anytime in telling Tasha and Judi that their bags will not be coming in the house. She tells them the rest of their bags are going to get carried out of the house so they can leave and says nobody wants them in the house.

Angie said she is mind boggled by Nastasia's actions because Nastasia was like the mother figure in the house in the beginning and now she's acting like the big, bad wolf.

Judi feels betrayed and says she's not leaving and Tasha said she's not going home either. Nastasia tells Tasha that she hopes she has fun picking her stuff up from outside and tells Tasha all she does is complain and brag.

"This is so funny to me, this is all so childish. Honey you can pack my sh*t but I'm not going anywhere," Tasha said.

Things escalate when Nastasia proceeds to put Tasha's clothes in a plastic bag. As Tasha is trying to move Nastasia to protect her belonging's, Nastasia moves her out the way and Tasha scratches Nastasia's face. All hell breaks loose and Nastasia's swings and charges Tasha like a bull!

We'll see the rest of the fight next week. Tasha also calls the cops on Nastasia and Tiara tells Nastasia that Shelly is the one who messed up her contacts. Oh boy!

The Bad Girls Heat It Up. Tasha vs. Nastasia by thatsfunny

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Bad Girl Club Potential Spoilers:

So I can feel a fight coming between Nastasia and Shelly in a near episode and I'm not sure how much truth there is to this, but I read Nastasia, Tiara and two replacements make it to the end and Shelly gets replaced.