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Bad Girls Club Season 7 New Orleans Reunion (Part 1)

***(Scroll down for updated info on Priscilla's reunion dress to have the look.)

After the "Twitter thugging" as Nastasia said and after all the bad girls got to actually watch what everyone said on camera, they all gathered for the Bad Girls Club reunion. And host, Perez Hilton said it best when he started off the show saying, "I hope your weaves are in tight!"

So, of course the reunion shows always start off with the bad girls who actually made it all the way to the very end of the show; Judi, Shelly, Tiara and Angelic came out first. And then the girls come out in the order of the most time they lasted on the show.

"Judi what was up with your purse? You carried it everywhere!," Perez asked Judi.

"It was kind of my best friend, like Miss Voodoo," Judi responded as she points to her voodoo doll, which by the way sat right next to her. 

She also explained all the "special" items that she needs in her purse, like a flashlight and a vibrator...oh, of course.

Tiara said she can now dance like a black girl after Perez asked her if she can finally dance.

Shelly said she was so mean to Judi because she knew Judi was an only child and thought maybe Judi just needed some tought love. Judi said Shelly's ways eventually made her crazy, and she said now, her and Shelly have a hate/love relationship.

Nastasia left with one of the biggest bangs in Bad Girl history. So when Nastasia came out, she didn't disappoint. Perez jumped right into the last episode when Shelly told Judi that Nastasia was scheming to get her out of the house.

Judi said Nastasia loves her and she's not even mad over Nastasia's scheming ways on the show and they still have a sister relationship.

Judi seemed to have changed a little bit and for the better after the show, thanks to all the girls ganging up on her which forced her to change her drunken ways.

So back to the Nastasia and Shelly beef...

Of course the infamous damaged contact lenses story came back up. As Perez showed a clip of Nastasia yelling over her ruined contacts, Shelly was actually laughing as she was watching it. Shelly said it was eye make-up remover that she put on Nastasia's contacts. But, Shelly wasn't laughing when they showed the clip of Nastasia pounding her in the face.

Bad Girls Club New Orleans Season 7 Reunion
"This is the Bad Girls Club, you should expect your stuff to be f*cked with," Perez told the ladies.

Remeber once upon a time Shelly and Nastasia were friends?

Nastasia said she actually liked Shelly in the beginning but when she saw her bullying personality come out she stopped liking her.

Perez told Nastasia that some may call her a bully for beating up Shelly. 

Nastasia said, "Bullying, for how? That's not a bully, that's standing up for what I believe in."

Shelly said she would not give Nastasia another chance and called her fake. The two continued to argue and Shelly said it was unfair of what Nastasia did to her on the last episode because she was kind of drunk and she was also sitting down eating food.

Nastasia responded and said, "I don't give a f*ck, you didn't do sh*t, I whooped our a** five times."

Then, Nastasia stood up, walked over to Shelly, stood infront of her and said, "you aint drunk right now b*tch. Are you drunk now? what are you gonna do?"

Nastasia went on calling Shelly a punk mutliple times so Shelly had enough, stood up and attempted to punch Nastasia in the face, but it was blocked as Nastasia fought back and put Shelly in a semi-headlock.

Cheyenne came out to join the ladies and she said she doesn't hate Tiara, even after being kicked out by her. Tiara said she was just annoyed and tired of Cheyenne's sloppy ways. Cheyenne said she wasn't in the house long enough for the girls to even know her personality.

Bad Girls Club Explosive Season Finale: Nastasia Attacks, Cheyenne is Tricked & The Remaining Girls Say Bye

Next out was "the queen of classy," Tasha. Perez first asked the ladies, "was there anybody here that did not find Tasha annoying?" ... and silence from the bad girls as the crowd laughs.

Perez gave Tasha an award for being his least favorite housemate. Angie said Tasha spent most of the days sleeping, this reminded me of what the girls on season 4 said about Kate.

After seeing the footage, Judi realized Tasha was being fake towards her during the times she went to her and Priscilla for advice. Judi said Tasha was the most fake in the house.

Nastasia said she kicked Tasha out because as we've heard the ladies say, all Tasha did was complain about everything. Nastasia said she didn't think there was any point of Tasha being in the house with all the complaining she did.

Bad Girls Club Reunion New Orleans Season 7Tasha went on to say she met two friends; Shelly and Priscilla and on that note, Priscilla came out. But it's not about Priscilla just yet, we'll save her for the 2nd part of the reunion when her and Angelic fight. 

Part 1 of the reunion ended with Tasha saying, "I will fight, come here and fight me over something I f*cking care about."

Nastasia took Tasha up on her offer, took her boots off, stood up and said, "gladly b*tch, I came here ready for your punk a** b*tch, lets f*cking go cuz I don't have time for this."

Tune in next Monday at 9 p.m. for part two to see what happens!!

Looks on the reunion:

  • What the hell was Nastasia wearing? A Halloween costume? A hot pink tutu, a black corset, a feather earring in one ear, and some thigh high black and white zebra-looking boots.
  • Tiara looked so tired in the face.
  • Perez lost an incredible amount of weight and was wearing a kilt.
  • Angelic looked the best out of the bunch. Did she get a boob job or did those suckers pop out of nowhere?
  • I loved Priscilla's dress with the see-through cut in the front.
  • And Cheyenne was Cheyenne and dressed hippie-ish


There were a lot of questions about who designed Priscilla's reunion dress. I contacted her publicist and this is what she said:
The name of the designer/stylist of Priscilla's reunion dress is Cosmo, he's from queens and has a boutique in L.A. on 7609 melrose  Cal. 90046, called Flasher.

Also, a fashion site will be launched at the top of the year that Priscilla will be hosting. More info to come in the future.
Follow Priscilla on Twitter: @DaGangstaOnBGC7.

- On December 5th at 9:30 p.m. the fist ever season 8 Bad Girl preview special will air followed by the premiere of Love Games 3 at 10 p.m. on Oxygen.


  1. My favorites this season are Judy, Angelic, and Tiara ツ

  2. does anyone know who the maker of priscilla's dress is?!! any details at all? i've been googling it since i watched the reunion show, and still nothing.. help! lol

  3. this season was way better than the last one!!

    I am the creator of "Mrs voodoo"! Check out the website and get your own Giant doll :)

  5. Priscilla was the badest one. Straight up!! TEAM PRISCILLA(:

  6. please can someone give me any info on Priscilla's dress please!!!!!!!!

  7. where is priscillas dress frommmmmm?

  8. Priscilla's dress was HOT! Just wish I knew where she got it from :/ I would so rock that!

  9. i want to know where i can get priscilla's dress as well!

  10. I Facebooked, twittered and gmailed Priscilla and I emailed her PR and no response on where her dress came from. I told them a lot of people want to know, but nothing back yet.

  11. Hey guys! There is updated info on Priscilla's reunion dress, check out the blog post

  12. I want to know where Nastasia got her boots.

  13. I found some info on Nastasia's boots:

  14. Does anyone know about cheyennes dress what designer/brand it might be? Cant find anything about it


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