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Basketball Wives L.A: Jackie's BS and Gossiping Ways All Come Back to Her

After Laura and Imani talk and work their differences out in last weeks episode, they put two and two together and figure out Jackie is the one stirring up trouble between them and the rest of the ladies.

Imani makes it known that the ladies are all unto Jackie's backstabbing ways. This weeks episodes start off with the ladies horseback riding during their Hawaii trip.

Jackie isn't really feeling the horseback riding but decides to be a good sport about it and she goes anyway as she calls it a mask to cover up the deeper issues. As Jackie is on her horse, the horse keeps jerking. Draya tells Jackie that her horse is picking up on her vibe, saying horses can sense spirits.
"Draya kept making these comments and that didn't help either and I wanted to slap her down off her horse...the comment you're making is not funny," Jackie said.

Imani said at this point she knows that Jackie is controlling, manipulative, a little bit crazy and she said Jackie is not a good person. Malaysia said Jackie's game is divide and conquer saying Jackie likes to divide the girls by telling them they don't like each other so Jackie can puppet them.

Jackie feels the tension in the air and she's ready for war, as Imani said. Jackie was on the defense with the ladies during the next time they all meet together.

Of course Jackie defends herself and said she doesn't play games and the stuff that she said to the other ladies was said to her. Now Jackie is saying that it isn't her fault that none of the girls can't remember the crap they were talking about and saying to each other.

Jackie said to Laura, "You're a lying, manipulating, little sneaky motherf*cker..that's what you are."

The ladies drop open their mouthes in shock as they can't believe she just called Laura that. Jackie then tells Laura that everybody runs her mouth, including Malaysia. Malaysia speaks up for herself and says she doesn't run Laura's mouth. Jackie airs it out that Malaysia has talked about all the girls.

"Jackie is definitely being disrespectful and I'm not going to back down, I'm not going to shutup, if she brings the bologna, I'ma bring the damn beef, I'ma bring the whole damn cow," Malaysia said.

Ok, that was corny Malaysia, lol but anyway...

Jackie continues to go in on Malaysia and tells Malaysia that she doesn't want any beef with her and she tells her Malaysia to stay in her lane and to shut the f*ck up.

"I really started to look at Jackie like the nut bag she is, like she's not remorseful, she's still keeping it going," Imani said.

Jackie said she tries to help them when she talks to each of them and that she is not trying to cause any conflicts.

I didn't like how Jackie was talking down to them. Just because you're the oldest on the show doesn't mean you can talk down to the other ladies like they're your kids. Even Draya said the whole situation is very juvenile and she's the youngest out of the bunch.

"I would like to think that Jackie is crazy because if she is crazy then we can get help for that but if she is just evil, there's no helping that," Malaysia said.

"Believe what ya'll wanna believe, who cares," Jackie said.

So everybody decides to just enjoy their vacation and move on since nothing gets resolved. Jackie goes to talk to Imani during some solo time to explain herself and Imani just looks like she's tired of it all and doesn't care what Jackie has to say anymore.

Jackie feels like there is a lot of evil going on and said she will try to distance herself from the group and she feels like the ladies are being childish, and said she'll laugh last, lol wow.

"Who does that at her age?" Laura said about Jackie. That's what I want to know.

The ladies aboard a sunset cruise and Jackie is glued to Draya since nobody else is really feeling her at the moment. Draya said she's down for Jackie and wants to help her get through whatever it is.

I think it's amazing how people change from the beginning of the show to the end. I used to like Jackie in the beginning but I'm tired of her constantly bringing up drama, like enough already. And it is funny how Jackie likes Draya now because Draya is all she has.

Jackie's husband, Doug Christie comes to Hawaii to join Jackie for the rest of the vacation and he talks to her about the rest of the ladies.

Jackie goes off on a rant while they're eating dinner and says, "... that's why they ain't got no men and the men they do got ain't no good, that's why you f*cking bum b*tches."

She said all of the ladies call her and share their drama with her and Jackie said if they're going to be messy then she is going to share what she knows, which is exactly what she did.
"... Imani, that chick, for her to sit there and play this game it's all about greed but then again that is why you were never a wife. I didn't judge her for it, I said Imani it doesn't matter I will find you a new husband," Jackie continued to say.

Doug stops Jackie's rants and tells her that is where she is wrong and he gives her advice and Jackie realizes the rest of the ladies aren't her friends.

"I'm the first lady of the f*cking league, period. That's it, I've been here done that sh*t for 16, 17 years. You little punks are new to this, I'm true to this. You all want to be Jackie Christie but you can't do what I do, you can't walk in my shoes. Each of them need to be thrashed..with a whip...," Jackie said. "You're nothing, I'm everything."

Wow Jackie, really!? Now she thinks she's better because she's been married for years. Oh-em-gee, I don't even have words for this. And, I don't even know how her husband can sit there and continuously listen to her crap talking.

And I don't like Laura either, but she is right about Jackie. Jackie you are too old for this "he said/she said crap," all of them are too old for it. And I can't wait for the reunion show to see what the other laides have to say about Jackie's comments.

Towards the end of the show, Malaysia said she was talking to another basketball wife and this wife revealed to Malaysia that Jackie was still talking crap about her and everyone else. Malaysia meets with the crew and reveals the information.

Gloria said everyone now has had it and that Jackie has to leave. Imani said any respect she had for Jackie is out the window.

So Jackie comes strolling in, smiling and all and the ladies let her know that they voted and they tell Jackie straight up that she has to go.

Jackie continues to talk but the ladies get up and head for the door because they don't want to hear it this time.

Jackie says they are all full of sh*t and it will all come out as she claims to be defending the truth. Jackie leaves the room with the ladies and still talks crap and says they are all trying to be in her world. The ladies take the elevator and leave a pissed off Jackie alone.

As the ladies drive off, they talk crap about Jackie and they're glad she is leaving the island. Jackie on the other hand is livid as she leaves Hawaii with her husband.

The rest of the ladies enjoy the rest of Hawaii...without the "dark cloud," as they call Jackie. But they know when they get back home to Los Angeles stuff will pop off again.

"Look out for Jackie when we get home, because it is going down," Draya said.

Well there we have it, another basketball wife trip full of drama, what else is new.


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