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Baseball Wives Coming in Two Weeks to VH1

The "Wives" are taking over VH1. We had Basketball Wives, Football Wives, Basketball Wives L.A., Mob Wives and now added to the addition is Baseball Wives.

"VH1 is expanding on its popular “wives” franchise with the captivating new series, Baseball Wives. Set in Scottsdale, Arizona, the home of baseball’s spring training, the show features the wives and girlfriends of talented baseball players from various teams. No shrinking violets here, these ladies are fiercely protective of their turf and their men and if they have to bring on a little drama — then so be it. The first pitch for Baseball Wives is Wednesday, November 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on VH1."

The new Baseball Wives are: Anna Benson (wife of retired Arizona Diamondbacks’ Pitcher Kris Benson), Tanya Grace (ex-wife of retired Chicago Cubs’ First Baseman Mark Grace), Chantel Kendall (ex-wife of Kansas City Royals’ Jason Kendall), Brook Villone (wife of Ron Villone) and Jordana Lenz (linked to no particular athlete.)

"The inner circle of baseball wives proves to be challenging as the women cope with marriage, gossip and fame. With the baseball season being the longest in professional sports, the women count on their friends to be their emotional support while their husbands are on the road but sometimes a friend can be your worst enemy. Rumors swirl and friendships are tested among the professional athletes’ wives as they are forced to make emotional decisions, proving that their lives are often just like everyone else’s. This captivating group makes for an adrenaline-charged rush of excitement as they showcase their style, humor and fastball drama. Get ready, because the bases are loaded for this sure-hit new series. "

Will you be watching Baseball Wives?

I think, none of these spin-off reality-wives shows will be as good as Basketball Wives but as always, I will give this new show a try. I thought Football Wives was actually good, but there wasn't a reunion! And, I heard there won't be a season 2, oh bummer.