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Love & Hip Hop Season 2 Premiere: First Show and a Fight Breaks Out Already!

The ladies are back for another explosive season of Love & Hip Hop and there are two new faces added on to the crew; Kimbella and Yandy.

The show starts off with Jim Jones and his girl Chrissy in a jewelry store to replace the engagement ring Jim lost. This is the ring Chrissy gave him last season when she propsed.

Chrissy said she already took a big step in asking Jim to marry her but she is not feeling good this time around since he lost his ring.

"I'm good enough to put up with all your sh*t, but I'm not good enough to be your wife? That's a problem. If he (Jim) doesn't do the right thing in the amount time that I think is fair...then we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, but I don't think it is going to be pretty," Chrissy said.

Chrissy said they should have been in the jewelry store to buy her a ring, she still doesn't have one.

Emily has a heart to heart with her daughter Taina, which is her daughter from a previous relationship before she met Fabolous. Emily tells her daughter she is not happy, things are going to change now and sometimes love just isn't enough, referring to her relationship with John a.k.a Fabolous

Emily said until she can have monogomy she is on her own.

"Sometimes to love is to let go, I have to love me, love my children, not focus on a man," Emily said.

Olivia has her own place in New Jersey and says for the past two years she has been living at her parents house. Olivia is still struggling in the music industry. Her song "December" did pretty good and was getting air play, but Olivia still isn't signed to a label. She says she will not settle for a small deal on a little label, she is aiming high.

"I always kept my mouth shut when I was in meetings with 50, I didn't say nothing, look where it got me, I'm not being quiet this time," Olivia said to her manager Rich.

We meet a new addition to the show, Yandy Smith. She is manages Jim Jones and has also worked with Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes. Chrissy rides down with Yandy to Atlantic City to see one of Jim's performances with his fellow Dipset brother Juelz Santana.

Yandy said it is time to bring the Dipset family together when she finds out Chrissy never hung out with Kimberly Vanderhee a.k.a Kimbella, the other new addition to the show. Kimbella is Juelz Santana's girlfriend.

Since the first season of Love & Hip Hop, Somaya has been working on establishing herself. Somaya and her manager Maurice meet with an investor to help with her music and she works on putting together a showcase.

Mama Jones still has beef with Chrissy and she makes a song in the studio just for Chrissy. She lets her anger out in the song as she asks for respect in her lyrics and says "b*tch" a bunch of times.

Mama Jones is a trip! Like, how old are you? Making diss songs and posting them on the web, smh!

"I know the song will probably make my son upset but at the same time I think he's gonna love it," Mama Jones said.

Her video makes and Chrissy receives a phone call from Olivia telling her there's a video about her on the site. Chrissy and Jim watch the video.

"You doing the things you doing is not gonna stop me from being with the person I wanna be with, it's actually just gonna put a strain on our relationship because you're not acting like how a mother should act in this situation," Jim said about his mother.

Yandy invites all the ladies out to showcase her new line of jewelry. Chrissy shows up with her crew; Olivia and Emily and they are cool now. Last time we saw them on the Love & Hip Hop reunion things got heated between them, but now everything is good.

The new girl, Kimbella strolls in on the scene wearing little, cut up jean shorts and Chrissy kind of gives her the side eye. Yandy is happy that Kimbella and Chrissy will finally get to know each other better and says it's crazy that they haven't hung out yet.

"My first impression of Kimbella was she has on jean panties. This was an all girl function and you show up with jean panties, I just don't think it was appropriate for that setting," Chrissy said.

Chrissy said she will try and be respectful to Kimbella because that is the mother of Juelz son and him and Jim are close. But Chrissy said when she hears Kimbella speak it is like she's not coherent, like she's a space cadet. Lol.

Kimbella has a confession to make. She says she dated Fabolous before she met Juelz and at the time she dated Fabolous, he was dating Emily and having a baby with her. Kimbella said she didn't know Fabolous was with Emily then and she started feeling uncomfortable around the rest of the ladies. Kimbella said it is important as a woman for Emily to know and she doesn't want Emily to hear the news from somebody else.

Later on, Emily throws a party with the rest of the ladies to celebrate her independence.

"Every week Fabolous is in the tabloids for hooking up with some new girl, so I'm proud she wants to move on," Somaya said.

Emily starts talking about her nine year relationship with Fabolous and how she went through with not being acknowledged, disappointments and infidelities. Emily said she now has her own place, she's ready to start over fresh and worry about herself.

Kimbella has good intentions when telling Emily the truth but she definitely picked the wrong time. 

She said she didn't want to be around Emily with her not knowing the situation and right after Emily is making her speech about being independent Kimbella blurts out she dated Fabolous three years ago. 

Chrissy feels some type of way with how Kimbella handled herself and says she has no regard with what Emily has been through and thinks Kimbella is being mean. 

Chrissy actually gets mad and Emily seems chill, it should be the other way around. Since Emily doesn't speak up Chrissy does and she doesn't hold back.

"I'm not trying to have conflict with you but if you want it, it's here," Chrissy said to Kimbella.

Things don't go well when Chrissy gets up and socks Kimbella in the face and kicks her a couple of times. Woah! Lots of drama and this is only the first episode.

How do Chrissy and Jim feel afterwards about the Chrissy/Kimbella fight?

Jim Jones told MTV News the brawl put him in an uncomfortable position:

"It's awkward," he admitted. "If it was a fight with anyone else, it wouldn't matter to me, but due to the fact that Juelz is my brother, it's a little bit different."

Chrissy explained:

"I think everybody that watches the show feels like Emily doesn't defend herself the way we would like to see her do. I don't regret my feelings, but I regret the way I allowed myself to be pulled out of character. [Vanderhee]'s another grown woman, and it's crazy to put your hands on somebody like that. It's just that I was so hurt and so caught in the moment — it was just reactional. I just reacted to the pain. I know it's gonna sound crazy, but it wasn't really personal."

Post Updated 11/16/11:

Yandy and Kimbella were recently on Power 105.1 and Kimbella talks about the fight and how Jim and Juelz are taking it.

"No one should put hands on anybody period," Kimbella said. "We're women at the end of the day and we need to respect each other."

Click HERE to watch the interview.


  1. What was Kim thinking? It was just the wrong place and the wrong time for her revelation.

    I really like Chrissy, I do, but that is NOT the way that adults handle conflict and or disagreement.


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