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Drake Responds to Being Called An Emotional Rapper

Ok, so we all know Drake's hit "Marvin's Room" is about Rihanna and how she broke his heart and yadda yadda and sometimes in his songs it seems like he's had his heart broken...quite a few times.

Drake did a recent interview with GQ magazine and this is what he had to say on being called an emotional rapper:

"GQ: People talk a lot of sh*t, anything you wish they'd stop saying?
Drake:That’s tough. I wish that we lived in a time and a generation where people would stop viewing my honesty as overly emotional. People always act like I spend my life crying in a dark room. I don’t, I’m good. I’m a man. I want to be remembered as an artist that gave you a piece of me, as opposed to some surface bullsh*t. I don’t think people realize that we die, we leave here, and either they forget about you or remember you. And how they remember you is up to you. I just want to be remembered as a poet that was open and honest because I wake up every morning and I’m me."

Maybe Drake did cry once in a dark Marvin 's room? Ok that wasn't funny, but good answer Drake. I also think it is very important to leave a good, lasting impression on people so they remember you after you're gone.
This was actually a good interview, read the rest of Drake's interview with GQ HERE where he talks more about "Marvin's Room," Jay-Z and Lil' Wayne beef, his ideal chick and more. 

Drake's album Take Care is coming out in stores this Tuesday, or you can download it now since it leaked.