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Jay-Z Pulls Back on 'Occupy Wall Street' T-Shirts After Critcism

A few weeks ago, Rocawear, Jay-Z's company, created t-shirts stamped with ‘Occupy All Streets’ in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. 

Now, these t-shirts that were just sold on the company's website, can't be purchased anymore.

Supposedly, Jay Z pulled the t-shirts after the backlash about him keeping the profits and not sharing any of the proceeds with the Occupy Wall Street people.

Jay's company was strongly criticized after they released a statement saying that proceeds from the $22 dollar t-shirts would not be donated to the cause. The statement said at the time that they haven't made an official commitment to monetarily support the movement. They said the shirt was just a way of reminding people that there’s “a change to be made everywhere.”

According to TMZ, supporters of Occupy Wall Street were livid with the clothing company and one of the leaders said this:
"Jay-Z, as talented as he is, has the political sensibility of a hood rat and is a scrotum. To attempt to profit off of the first important social moment of 50 years with an overpriced piece of cotton is an insult to the fight for economic civil rights known as #occupywallstreet.”
Daaaayumm! Jay was called a scrotum and he has the political sensibility of a hood rat? What do you think of Jay-Z trying to profit off of these t-shirts?