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Justin Bieber Paternity Suit Dropped

Justin Bieber's legal team has dismissed allegations that Bieber fathered a baby with one of his fans, Mariah Yeater, a crazy fan at that.

According to reports, Mariah's legal team has dumped her, she is also dismissing the charges and has withdrawn her paternity suit against Justin Bieber.

Bieber has denied fathering Mariah's baby son since the beginning of all this craziness and has said he’d take a DNA test to prove it.

According to reports, Bieber’s lawyers are going to follow through on their countersuit against Yeater — looking to make an example of her. Bieber's camp want a widely televised apology to show the world that people cannot subject celebrities to things like this simply because they are famous.

I'm sure 'Team Bieber' is ecstatic, most fans already pointed out that Bieber wouldn't sleep with a woman who looks like that, lol.

So Bieber you are not the father! And Mariah, I hope you're happy you got your two minutes of fame. This chick had too much Bieber fever.