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Shaq Married "Flavor Flav" Reality Star Hoopz

Rumor has it that this past weekend, Shaquille O'Neal married "Hoopz" whose real name is Nikki Alexander. You may remember her as the chick who won Flavor Flav's heart on the first season of the VH1 reality show Flavor of Love. Hoopz also won the first season of VH1's I Love Money.
Hoopz winning on Flavor of Love
Flavor Flav was also the one who gave Nikki the name Hoopz which is the name everyone knows her by now.

Hoopz has a rep of being a jumpoff and has landed by far her biggest catch yet. Not only did these two run off and elope but rumor also has it that Shaq doesn't even have a prenup, according to MediaTakeOut and various other reports.

Excuse me while I chuckle...

If this is true then Shaq you are as stupid as you sound when doing interviews. Like really?

Well, much luck with that, maybe Hoopz and Shaq are really in love as reports have said before. All I remember is that she went on Flavor of Love, made it seem like she wasn 't there just for TV, she won and by the time the reunion aired her and Flavor Flav were already done.