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Love & Hip Hop: Somaya's Ego Spins Out of Control, Kimbella and Emily Squash the Drama but Chrissy is Just Getting Started

So this week on Love & Hip Hop the fight between Kimbella and Chrissy picks back up with Chrissy stomping on the poor girl. Chrissy said she tried to stomp her head down to the room underneath them when Kimbella kicked her with her heels on.

Chrissy called Kimbella a trouble maker and said she's going to eff her up every chance she gets. Woah!

"The audacity of you to think that it was okay to do that to somebody is just blowing my f*cking mind and I lost it," Chrissy said.

Love & Hip Hop Season 2 Premiere Recap

The morning after, back at the Jones' residence, Chrissy said she felt like sh*t because she then realizes Kimbella has a son with Juelz Santana which is like Jim Jones' brother.

Chrissy and Jim are laying in bed and Chrissy tells him the story of what happened.

Jim asked if Kimbella really blurted out that she was with Fabolous the way she did and didn't have consideration for Juelz. Then Chrissy revealed to Jim that she punched Kimbella.

"For that to be Juelz lady and the mother of his child that just set off automatic alarms," Jim said.

Chrissy said she doesn't want Juelz to be made at her and she doesn't want to cause a problem between Jim and Juelz... "But he (Juelz) needs to check his b*tch," Chrissy said.

Chrissy said she doesn't know how to move forward from that and Jim's advice is to just keep the ladies seperated.

Chrissy later tells Yandy that Kimbella carried herself really tacky that night, "It was hurtful, there is a way to carry yourself. It's not what you do it's how you do it."

Yandy wants to be the peacemaker, saying she needs to protect her interest which is her money. She just wants everybody to get along.

Yandy and Kimbella meet up and talk about the fight. Kimbella said things can get crazy now since she got sucker punched in the face. Yandy said she's really disturbed about the situation as Jim and Juelz are both her clients and Kimbella and Chrissy are both her friends. So Yandy is kind of stuck in the middle at the moment.

Yandy jokingly said she was blinded by the light during the fight, meaning when she saw Kimbella's butt hanging out, because homegirl was wearing no underwear when she got knocked out.

"Liquor mixed with pride mixed with ego...I can see how things can go wrong, but it went horribly left," Yandy said about the fight.

So we all knew Fabolous was cheating on Emily, now we know he was cheating on Emily three years ago with Kimbella.

Kimbella realizes that maybe she didn't reveal the information in the right way, so she meets up with Emily to have a one on one to explain herself.

Kimbella said she didn't know about Emily while she was dating Fabolous and she aplogizes for making Emily feel some type of way.

Emily told Kimbella she embarrased her. Kimbella said if she knew Fabolous had a girl and a baby on the way then she wouldn't have messed around with him. Kimbella called her and Fabolous' relationship just a "thing" meaning nothing serious but they were messing around.

Emily tells Kimbella she was just like the other chicks, just f*cking Fabolous, and she told Kimbella she was just one of many. Kimbella begs to differ and says she was single just doing her thing.

"That was three years ago, I was single, I did not know about you, can we move on from here?" Kimbella said.

Emily tries to understand the situation but says there is nothing she can do about it at this point and she looked so hurt, I feel bad for the girl but happy she moved on from Fab.

Somaya is under a lot of pressure in trying to set up her showcase performance for Barry, her investor. She is not taking a record deal but instead she is taking an investment. Somaya is still struggling to try to make it in the music industry as a female rapper. And now I see why...

Maurice tells Somaya that he needs her to be in sync with her backup dancers during her showcase.

Somaya goes on to tell him, "I'm not Beyonce, I'm not a dancer...I'm not Nicki Minaj, I'm Somaya Reese, stop making me somebody else." No honey you are definitely not! Lol.

During her rehearsal practice, Somaya starts tripping and yelling at Maurice when she finds out her b-boy dancers were fired. Maurice said it was a financial issue because the b-boys wanted too much money after they already agreed on a certain budget. So Somaya had to settle for female dancers and she spazzes out, her and Maurice start bumping heads.

"That's the hustle of being an artist," Maurice told her. "We don't have the budget to fund Somaya's project the way she wants it delivered."

He continued to say, "A year ago she was sleeping on a mattress in a dirty attic, her ego is out of control."

Somaya gets mad when Maurice tells her that he made all of her success happen for her. She said she will sleep on a park bench before she has some "little b*tch" telling her that he made it all happen.

"Maurice is still a little Telly Tubby with a big belly looking like he ate a grape," Somaya said.

"She is a struggling artist that turned into a superstar diva, there is not enough money here to take this abuse, a smart manager knows when to quit," Maurice said as he walked out the door and quits.

Somaya gets Emily's help with getting outfits together for her showcase. Emily tries to style her and suggests Somaya wears a one sleeve outfit. But Somaya said she is not comfortable with sleeveless clothes because of the scar she got from when she got shot. Emily said Somaya's gunshot story could be an excuse to not wanting to show her arms because maybe she has some flab there, lol.

Somaya tells Emily her ideas and said she wants her costume to be like a walking Mexican restaurant with a lot of bright colors. Emily's face was priceless when Somaya said that and Emily said she is not a costume designer, she is a wardrobe stylist.

Towards the end of the show, Somaya performs at Club Amnesia. Chrissy, Emily, Olivia and Yandy all come out to see her performance, surprisingly. Chrissy said she is turning over a new leaf and doesn't want to be the mean girl anymore.

Somaya performs and during her second costume change, she is wearing these tight black pants and the ladies as well as the audience notices that Somaya's zipper is open in the front!

Wow, how embarrasing. But she keeps it moving and keeps performing.

"BOOM, guess who stepped in the room, Somaya...who runs the world, b*tch I do." I think Somaya's lyrics are so corny and I'm not feeling her. Olivia was telling the truth when she said Somaya's performance was not good:

"The dancers were good, Somaya...not good," Olivia said. "Stop telling her that this sh*t is good, you're not good, so at the end of the day stop it."

And how ironic was it when Mama Jones' "Chrissy Diss Song" came on in the club while they were there, that had to be on purpose, lol.

Yandy stood up and started dancing to it which didn't sit well with Chrissy. Yandy said the beat is hot and if there is a check to be got and if there is talent then hey.

Chrissy gets mad and says to Yandy, "oh that's all that matters to you? Does Jimmy know that this is how this feels?"

Of course money is very important, I know Yandy has a good relationship with Jim Jones but at the end of the day the money is what it all comes down to.

Yandy tells Chrissy if it was only about checks then she might have been gone a long time ago, but it is all about love.

"I'm done because everybody looks at me like I'm bugging out, like I'm the crazy one, like I'm the mean one. I just have no room for bullsh*t and Yandy you need to go," Chrissy told Yandy at the end of the episode.


  1. Now I don't have to watch it lol. This was a great recap. I feel so bad for Emily. Fabolous treats her like garbage.


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