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Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion Special (Part1)

John Sally is back again to host the first BBW L.A. reunion special to reminisce with the ladies about their season. He started off saying if the ladies have something to say they better say it right now or hold it until next season, implying that there will be a season 2??
Basketball Wives L.A Finale Recap

He addressed Laura and Malaysia's physical fight, the only fight during the season which happened pretty earlier on in the season. Gloria said the whole fight was stupid and over something ignorant and immature.

Laura previously called Malaysia a hoodrat on the season. Malaysia said she knows what a hoodrat is and said she's not that.

"A hoodrat is a girl that sleeps with a group of guys who are friends," Malaysia explained.

Imani spoke on the reason why she had Laura's belongings packed up and moved out her house. She thought Laura was talking about her and of course she got that information from Jackie.

John asked Imani a very good question, why didn't Imani just call Laura then and ask her for herself? Imani said at the time she needed to process it because she didn't know what to believe.

Jackie admitted that maybe she shouldn't have gotten in the middle of Laura and Imani. She said Imani shared things with her, that Laura called Jackie fat and that her hair is a hat so she got mad and started playing games.

Jackie kept rambling on and John is like, "But what did Imani say?"

Cover that up Jackie
I feel like Jackie is full of B.S.

John asked Laura a question about Jackie and Laura said, "I don't know what the hell is going on, what the f*ck ya'll talking about, I don't if I look like I gotta fart it's because I'm confused."

Lets get into the ladies love life. Of course Jackie is still with Doug, Malaysia is still married, I guess Draya is still doing her and being single, Gloria and Matt are still apart and Imani is looking for Mr. Perfect.

Imani said she got a lot of advice to just get laid, but said that doesn't solve her problems.

"At the end of the day if I wanted to just have a dude to lay next to I could, d*ck ain't never been hard to get, ya know, they give that away. I want a family and a relationship, the whole package," Imani said.

Laura begged to differ and said everybody needs to get laid because it gets that excess energy out then you can get up and keep it moving and the day gets right.

John had a viewer question for Imani: "Would you ever be happy with a guy who didn't make a lot of money or are you in denial about being a gold digger?"

Her answer: Imani said she never has been a gold digger, that is nothing she aspires to be. She just wants a man to come in and provide for her, she wants a great person and it doesn't matter how much money he makes.

Sureee Imani.

Gloria spoke on her and Matt's relationship. She said she has been with Matt since she was 20-years-old and said she hasn't had the time to live life and she is taking the time to do her now.

She thought it was disrespectful that after all that time Matt was finally ready to settle down which led her to needing some space. Gloria currently has her own place, which is a first for her and she doesn't know the future for her and Matt's relationship.

John had a viewer question for Gloria: "Do you and Matt still get it on until you make up your mind and have you dated anyone else yet?"

Her answer: Gloria said she has not dated anyone else since Matt for the last five or six years.
And yes, her and Matt occasionally still get it on.

"I'm not just gonna go out and be like 'yea I need some d*ck' so I'm just gonna hit anybody, I know Matt, I'm just not gonna go out like that."

I thought it was funny when John asked Laura when does she think Matt and Gloria will get back together and he said before the lockout or after the lockout? Lol.

Draya and Gloria are taking up their acting careers. Gloria said she landed a movie, The Good Bad and she starts shooting the movie in January. Draya said she has hosting assignments coming up, "hosting, red carpet, your job next," Draya joked with John.

Of course Draya's alleged child endangerement charges came up. Draya still says it was a false accusation and the rumors aren't true. She said she doesn't care to discuss her family life with people she doesn' know and said she felt like the ladies were judging her rather than trying to help her.

Of course Jackie had to cut in. Jackie said she feels bad about what happened, but she doesn't regret it and said she won't make any apologies.

"Who are you to Google me? I don't need to tell you everthing! You are not my mom, you ain't God, you don't sign my check, you ain't f*cking me..I don't need to tell you none of that," Draya said to Jackie.

Jackie then got up to address the rowdy crowd and told them to back up and stand down as she stood up and spanked her butt, basically telling the audience to kiss her a**.

Jackie is a hot mess. Like how old are you? And she talks down to the rest of the ladies like she is their mother. She has no respect when talking to them but expects everybody to respect her. I would be pissed iif Jackie told me to "stand down" like what the hell is that!?

Then, Jackie and Gloria got into it towards the end. Jackie goes on to say she feels hurt and said Laura is like her sister. Gloria jumped in and said, "aww hell!"

This started a screaming war between the two:

Jackie tells Gloria to, "fall the f*ck back."

"Stop your talking it does not make sense," Gloria yelled to Jackie.

"Shut the f*ck up, your done b*tch, done. Shut that sh*t up," Jackie yelled back to Gloria.

"And fix your weave because the sh*t is sticking up," Gloria yelled back.

Wow! Can someone just put Jackie in her place? She needs it.

Next week is Part II of the reunion: I really hope they address the rant that Jackie went on at the end of the Hawaii trip when she was talking reckless about all the other ladies. I want to know what they have to say about that, because Jackie's true colors came out as she was talking to her husband then.


  1. Jackie knows that dress is too tight, sides coming all out!


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