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Picks for a Bad Girls Club All-Star Season

Although there is no new Bad Girls Club episode to recap, I've compiled a list of bad girl all-stars and a list of potentials to hold you over in the meantime while we wait for the all new cast to take over Las Vegas in Season 8

Rumors of a BGC All-Star cast for season 9 are circulating around the web; on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. Fans of the show want to see an all-star cast happen and I would hope, if this does happen, only the baddest of the baddest or the most controversial bad girls are brought back on the show, maybe even perhaps one from each season.

I've been stuck on this reality show since the very first season and I've hand picked 7 all-stars, one from each season, based on who I think owned their season and was the baddest girl. I also named some potential BGC all-stars.

You can agree to disagree and tell me your BGC All-Star list in the comments section below.

Season 1 Pick: Ty

The very first season that started it all and set the tone for the rest of the seasons with the arguments and fights. Even though Ty didn't make it to the end, she will always be remembered as the bad girl who gave the impression that it's okay to put your duke's up and fight on the show as she boxed it out with Aimee and clearly won.

BGC Top 10 Fights

Season 2 Pick: Tanisha

Season 2, the season that started the prank wars and clique divisions in the house. 

Tanisha is one of my all time BGC favorites and I'm sure you guys like her too. Tanisha is the current host of the BGC spin off show, Love Games and I'm pretty sure everyone remembers that she is from Brooklyn and oh yea...if you got beef with Tanisha then "POP OFF!"

A potential all-star pick from this season would be Darlen, she was crazy and always ready to fight when she drank. But nobody topped Queen Tanisha this season. Tanisha got Jennavecia kicked out the house and made it known that if you ruin her beauty sleep she will bang the pans of war to wake you up.

I had to add this Tanisha video, one of my favorite moments on BGC and someone remixed it on YouTube, lol:

Season 3 Pick: Tiffany

This season was the start of extra crazy fighting as Amber got jumped by the majority of her castmates. That Boston chick, Whitney had a crazy temper and Kayla, one of my potential all-star picks had a very loud mouth but kinda seemed like she couldn't fight as well as she made it seem.

But Tiffany, was not one to be reckoned with. Crazy Kayla even knew her limits with Tiffany.

Tiffany started off as a sweet, quite bad girl but her temper quickly errupted once her roommates pushed her butttons and even tho she wasn't in a fight this season, except involved in Amber's jumping, I think she was the baddest of season 3.

Season 4 Pick: Flo

Many may beg to differ with this pick and say Natalie Nunn ran the bad girls club house on season 4 and I'll name her a potential all-star because Natalie was quite entertaining, BUT when it came to fighting, Natalie knew she didn't want any of Flo and she put Natalie in her place during the reunion show.

Flo is one of the toughest bad girls period and she showed us her strength when she flung Amber around like a rag doll by the pool. Flo doesn't take anyone's crap and will definitely make a good all-star.

Season 5 Pick: Lea

Lea is a feisty one! We saw her go head-to-head with Brandy, torment the replacements and she decked Kristen in the face. Lea also won Love Games season 2 and put everybody in the house in their place when it was time to battle. She talked a lot of crap but backed it up and she is a definite pick as a BGC all-star.

A potential all-star from season 5 would be Cat. Cat has no problem getting up in someone's face, arguing with a dude or fighting on the beach, as we saw her do. Cat also had Kristen's back during the reunion and stood up for her.

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Unfortunately we didn't get to see much of Cat as she packed up and left because she had enough of the Bad Girls Club house. So Lea wins the all-star pick for season 5.

Season 6 Pick: Wilmarie

There were so many great fights from this season and the ladies got away with a lot. And I mean they got away with getting hits in on each other and not having to go home.

Wilmarie and her bad girl enemy Nikki battled a good two rounds before Wilmarie really snapped and went in on Nikki, even fighting her without a top on! This caused Wilmarie to go home.

Wilmarie is my all-time favorite BGC replacement. She came in the house and owned it right off the back and even though her stay was short, I think she was the baddest of season 6. The majority of the ladies from this season held their own and a potential all-star pick would be Jessica, she wasn't afraid to "wang" the other chicks if she had to, as we saw her do with "Kentucky."

Season 7 Pick: Nastasia

Ah yes! The recent season of the bad girls club and one of the most controversial chicks on season 7. I would love to see Nastasia and Tanisha from season 2 go head to head.

Bad Girl Twitter Beef: Season 4 Natalie vs. Season 7 Nastasia

No lie, I thought Nastasia was all talk in the beginning but then turned out to be just the opposite. Nastasia owned her season and went out with the biggest bangs in Bad Girls Club history when she gave Shelly an ultimatum; confess to ruining her contacts or take an a** whooping. And when Shelly didn't confess Nastasia stayed true to her word and delivered one of the greatest a** whoopings I've ever seen on BGC, straight up punches that connected to the face, now that's a girl who has been in a couple of fights before. And on the reunion Nastasia came ready to fight some more.

Bad Girls Club Season 7 New Orleans Reunion (Part 1)

Bad Girls Club Reunion (Part 2)

Nastasia chose her own destiny in the house and chose when to go home and went out swinging. Nastasia definitely tops the BGC all-star list.

I would choose Tiara as a potential BGC all-star, although she is goofy, she held her own during season 7 and Priscilla held her own as well...she is also a potential all-star.

Well, those are my seven picks for an all-star BGC cast and some of my potentials, who are your picks? An all new BGC crew will be coming soon, so lets see what these bad girls are packing.

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  1. 8 girls:

    Season 2: *Tanisha. Baddest bad girl of alltime. 2nd greatest ever. Nuff said.

    3: N/A (I wouldn't take anyone from this season in all honesty.

    4. *Natalie- Can't leave her off. She is the greatest bad girl of all time. When people think bad girls club, they think Natalie. That season had the best overall ratings, and after that season, they started to have more seasons right after the other. She was the star of that season, and is the single most entertaining bad girl ever (Tanisha arguably is, herself). Having Natty off makes no sense imo, and that wouldn't be a smart move.

    *Flo: Maybe the baddest from that season.

    5: *Lea

    6: *Nikki- Without her, there wouldn't be a season 6. I think you're basing it off who are the best fighters. You need the most valuable and entertaining ones as well. She was the greatest bad girl from this season. The show was centered around her.

    * Wilmarie: For being the baddest from this season.

    7: *Stasi- Top 3 baddest bad girl hands down of all time.

    *Judi- The greatest and most memorable bad girl of this season, no contest.

    Possibly Ty too, but I can't find someone she's more valuable than out of the 8.

    Your list may provide the most fights, but my list provides the best overall show, to me at least haha.

    1. Your list is good.

      It all depends on how many bad girls they would have. I went by the typical 7 and picked one from each season, including the first one which a lot of people forget about.

      Then I also put potentials b/c there are so many great picks.

      And, with season 8 I would add in The Twins, simply because they stir up all the drama.

  2. i think it should b one from each season
    #1 ty
    #2 tanisha
    #3 amber m
    #4 natile or portia or amber
    #5 lea or brandi
    #6 kori or jessica or wilmarie
    #7 priscilla or angie
    #8 the twinz or amy
    or hopefully they have 2 from each season

  3. ,my pics would be ripsy,darleen,cookie,morgan,flo,wilmarie,angie and from season 8 gia

  4. I don't think Flo or Tanisha will be on the All-Star season although they each clearly ran their season. Flo is rumored to be married and Tanisha is getting married, I don't think they'll do it seems how they are trying to start their lives and families. And just like one of the responses above I wouldn't pick anyone from season 3 either. They were ALL whack! But that's just my opinion.

  5. i like lea and tinisha but i hate flo she thought she was so bad but sh wasent she was CRAP!

  6. Natasha is the 2nd baddest girl it would be nice if Tanisha can fight Natasha (Natasha will win) also I wish I could see season 7again

  7. 1. Aimee (she is one of the only girls from this season besides Ripsi that could handle the BGC house now)
    2. Tanisha
    3. Amber M. (i love ambers but i would like to see more of whitney as well)
    4. Natalie (flo went home early, LAME)
    5. Kristen
    6. Kori (i really liked Lauren on this season though!)
    7. Judi ( priscilla was the toughest)
    8. Amy ( all the jumping on this season is ridiculous, jenna shoulda stayed.)

  8. ripsi, darlen, whitney, kate, lea, kori, priscilla, amy

  9. It should be

    Jenna , Camilla , Nikki , Natalie , Gia , Tanisha , Ashley King , Gabi , Judi

  10. These picks are based on entertainment, not just fights. Overall I'd choose:

    Season1: Aimee

    Season2: Jennevecia (just for the pure fact that'd she'd piss people off and push their buttons. YES Tanisha was the baddest but I wanted to go for someone different)

    Season3: Ailea/Amber M

    Season4: Natalie Nunn (This bitch would cause SO MUCH DRAMA)

    Season5: Kristen/Christina

    Season6: Nikki/Char

    Season 7: Nastasia/Judi

    Season8: Gia

  11. top 7. not neccassarily baddeest but most entertaining and would add most diversity, also ones that may actually want to come back

    7.char (i really do hate this bitch, but i'm sorry she ran her season)

    3 replacements

    ripsi-give her a second chance
    flo-may only agree to coming in later
    nicki-she'd make a great replacement

    honorable mentions

    cat-wouldnt come back lets keep it real
    tiffany-wouldnt come back
    nastasia-we already got tanisha and i just wanted diversity
    twins-just didnt have room for em, if i had two more spots they'd be there
    kentucky-she was fun against fake bitches, but up agaisnt real bitches she loses her value

  12. 2 from each season if the first girl from the season who was chosen is kicked out a second one reppin for that season comes in

    2. Tanisha/lyric
    3. Amber m./ tiffany
    4. Natalie/Kate
    5. Kristen/Lea
    6.Nikki/ Lauren
    8. Gia/Amy

  13. 1ty
    4natlie nunn!!!!! (flo didn't let Natalie get out her chair to fights heads up and plus flo only was as entertaining as Natalie)
    6nikki(just bcuz she started shit)

  14. 1. Ripsi - Drunkest and most hilarious of all Bad Girls
    2. Tanisha & Jennavecia (at least as a replacement) - Best on going rivalry definetly worth another season of these two
    3. NO ONE
    4. Kate - extremely under rated and hasnt been on TV since season 4 (unlike flo) so shes still interesting
    Natalie - (Replacement)
    5. Id say Christina but shes not allowed on oxygen so NO ONE
    6. Willmarie
    8. NO ONE Probably the most boring and pointless season
    9. Rema & Christina - Probably the coolest Bad Girls so far... and Blondie - just because I like her

  15. Hello,
    This message is for Flo ...this is Anthony I was with you in the mansion that night when we met in the night club tru in Hollywood and you took me and my friend back to the mansion (the one that got attacted by the other bad girls) anyways I've been trying to get ahold of you because that night the security wouldn't even let me say bye to you. Hope you got your chain back ..I left my contact info with one of the producers that night incase you didn't get it here it is 817-673-5198.
    Thank you very much ...


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