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Shar Jackson's Assistant Commits Suicide

Shar Jackson, you may remember her character 'Niecy' on Moesha and as the ex-wife of Kevin Federline, recently has been through a tragedy during the holiday break.
A few days before Thanksgiving, Shar found her former assistant hanging from a tree near her home.
According to, Shar’s former assistant was distraught when he visited Shar at her home. After he didn't return for hours, Shar walked around her neighborhood looking for the assistant after he left, only to find him hanging from a tree in her gated community.
Shar along with her son and her cousin tried to cut him down and save him but he was already gone.
Paramedics arrived a short time later and pronounced him dead. And Shar has been under extreme distress following the whole situation. Very sad news and an unfortunate situation.