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Bad Girls Club Las Vegas Sneak Peek Special

So last night Oxygen gave us Bad Girl Club fans a treat with a first time BGC special of never before seen footage and sneak peeks into season 8.

We saw what the new bad girls had to offer, rare casting footage, clips from the girls audition videos and exclusive scenes from the upcoming season. And we can expect a lot of fighting!

Here is a run down of the new chicks and I also commented on the ones who stood out to me the most so far:

The Victor Twins:
Gabrielle a.k.a Gabi - "The Queen B"
Danielle a.k.a Dani - "The Black Sheep"

This is a first for BGC bringing twins on the show. These are the type of girls that we can either love or hate. But one thing is for sure, since they're sisters they will most likely have each others back and might even gang up on the other girls.

We learned their differences in looks and personality. Dani already feels like she'll be the shows favorite and is excited to see what people think of her.

There was a clip shown of Dani calling home and her pops actually tells her to get the drama started in the house!

He told Dani that everybody would be disappointed if the twins came home and said one can't make it in the house without the other and he went on to say that the twins are actually doing something with their lives now that they're on BGC!

Wow! What advice from a parent!

Gia - "The Scandalous School Girl"

Jenna - "The Naughty New Yorker"

Erica - "The Red-Headed Hustler"

So from Erica's clips we know that she loves sex, boobies, she's a drunk make-out person and she kisses a lot of chicks.

Erica also thinks it's a disgrace for people to rock fake designs and there is a clip shown of her spitting in one of the girls handbags because Erica finds out it's fake.

Demitra - "The Miami Maverick"

Amy - "The Hot Mess"

"I'm a makeout whore 110 percent, I have the beer goggles pretty bad and I usually go for the more not better looking guys when I go to make out with them," Amy said.

Oh and lets not forget Amy loves streaking and she invented the "Amy clap," which I think I'm sick of seeing already.

This blonde hair chick is not one to mess with, especially her weave. In one clip we see a major fight between her and Demitra which starts over Amy's weave being left in an oven.

Are you excited for season 8? I know I am. Stay tuned, BGC 8 premieres on January 23rd at 9 p.m. on Oxygen.

Until then we're entertained with Judi, Kori and Sydney on Love Games season 3.