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Love Games Season 3 Premiere Recap: A Fight Breaks Out Already Between the Bad Girls

Three bad girls are back to find love and this season includes Kori and Sydney from Bad Girls Club season 6 and Miss Voodoo herself, Judi from BGC season 7.

Tanisha is back as the Love Games host calling herself "the godmother of all the bad girls."

The rules are the same; there are HBIC (head bad girl in charge) challenges, weekly eliminations chosen by the girls with the HBIC choosing the three guys up for elimination and then there's one winner in the end, one bad girl and her guy to win the ultimate romantic vacation prize.

Since Kori and Sydney were on the same season of BGC, we would think they're cool, not so much best buddies, but at least cool.

Kori makes it clear that she's going to act nice towards Sydney for now because she may need to use her in the end. But the niceness doesn't last for long...

HBIC texting challenge
As the guys do a meet and greet with the bad girls, one guy in particular stands out: Edson. He tells the girls straight off the back that his past relationships were just for messing around.

Edson also said he doesn't date. So he's basically telling the girls he's not looking for love just booty.

Maybe that wasn't the smartest thing to say so early on in the game.

In the first HBIC challenge, the girls have to send a sexy text to the guys. Each text is displayed on a digital screen and the guys individually choose which text they like the most.

Kori gets the most votes therefore wins the first challenge and becomes the first HBIC to hold all the power in the house for now.

Right away she has to choose one guy to send home and one guy to go on a date with. To help her out, Tanisha reveals topless screen shots of the guys which they all took before the HBIC challenge. Kori chooses her date and the bottom three guys based off of the guys chest shots. She also assigns two of the bottom three guys to Judi and Sydney for their dates.

The guys
I didn't understand Kori's methods. Kori chooses Edson for Judi and says because they're both crazy and calls it a match made in heaven. But that is kind of like helping Judi bond with someone like her, isn't it?And this is the guy who just wants to mess around, even better for Judi.

Sydney calls these picks, "the rejects" and says she doesn't want to date a guy with a bad body.

After the dates were chosen, Dusty was the last guy not chosen and was the first guy eliminated from the game.

Dusty, the first guy eliminated
Sydney already finds herself highly attracted to Jonathan. But she's not the only one making quick love connections; Kori and Judi are already finding their picks as well. 

Judi starts bonding with cutie pie Matthew and as she is in the confessional with him, one of Matthew's friends back from school, John walks in and interrupts Judi. John says Matthew is a good boy and thinks him and Judi aren't a good match.

After John starts talking crap to Judi she leaves the confessional and starts yelling at him.

"I'm the bad girl, not you! You want to know who's boss, you'll know after I bust your lip open!" Judi said to John.

As Judi walks towards John he pours his beer on her and Judi starts screaming like a mad woman.

The next day, after the incident, Kori and Sydney are now thinking none of the guys will want Judi after seeing her crazy side. But, the guys seem to forgive Judi and aren't bothered by her craziness.

Sydney and Jonathan getting cozy in the pool
Later on, the girls choose one more guy to join them on their dates by the pool. Sushi is set up for the HBIC, Kori and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are set up for the losers, Judi and Sydney.

Now we learn that this time around the HBIC has a little more power. Now she is actually able to stop the other girls dates at any time and steal their guys to talk to during the dates.

Kori reels in her guys and kisses Robby, then Chris AND she later kisses Joey too, who was on a date with Sydney but Sydney wasn't paying him any mind, she was too focused on Jonathan.

Kori seems to be playing this game dirty, she's already kissing all the guys and trying to get them all on her side, kind of like what Natalie did last season on Love Games which also back fired and caused Natalie not to win because the guys realized that.

Kori talks to Nick E. on her date and starts running her mouth about Sydney. Kori says she has a better body than Sydney and says Sydney has a blubber butt and stretch marks on her boobs. I guess being HBIC goes to Kori's head.

"When you're in a competition there are no friends," Kori said.

After the dates, Nick E. goes back and tells Sydney what Kori said. Sydney immediately finds Kori and confronts her. Things get physical when Kori puts her hands on Sydney and the two bad girls go at it, scratching and hair pulling!

After the fight Sydney becomes a little emotional and starts crying.

Tanisha offers Sydney some encouraging words and says, "Know your confidence, know your worth and know what you have and no b*tch can ever touch you."

Towards the end, Kori decides it is payback time and she uses her HBIC title to her advantage by putting all of the men that Sydney is interested in, up for elimination; Jonathan, John and Nick E.

I like this guy
Jonathan a.k.a "Freaky Jon P"
Sydney and Judi have to decide who goes home. They save Jonathan first and then can't decide between the bottom two.

Judi wants John to go home because she is not over the fact that he poured beer on her head earlier. And Sydney wants Nick E. to go home. Even though Nick E. went back and told Sydney that Kori was talking crap about her, Sydney says she feels no connection between her and Nick E.

So of course Judi and Sydney don't come to an agreememt and the power goes back to Kori. In the end, Kori decides to send Nick E. home as she calls him a "back stabbing a**hole."

Who is the baddest girl at this game of love? Will Kori's methods work, hooking up with most of the guys? Will "keeping it real" work for Judi on finding her man? Or will Sydney's big booty and personality help her reel in her men?