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For Better or Worse: Angela Has a 'Waiting to Exhale' Moment and Marcus Feels Her Wrath

If you're not watching For Better or Worse yet, then you are missing out!

The show kicks off with Angela laying in the bed watching the movie Waiting to Exhale, during the famous Angela Bassett part when she's in the closet throwing out her husbands clothes. Not a good movie to be watching when you're already pissed and going through problems of your own.

Angela and Marcus are still beefing over the alleged baby that Marcus had with some random woman. Angela has been locking Marcus out of their bedroom since she found out the news and when she refuses to let him in, he breaks the door down in. Angela tells Marcus she wants him to pack up and leave their house because she doesn't want to live with cheaters.

"I'm not leaving my house, I'm not sleeping on the sofa another night and I'm not going to be treated like a criminal because I didn't do anything," Marcus said.

And might I add, I'm loving every shower scene that Michael Jai White (Marcus) does.

The ladies have girl talk at Angela's salon. Angela tells Jennifer and Leslie that Marcus won't talk about the picture which proves he was in the bed with another woman.

"That is just like a man, you can catch them in bed with another woman and they will lie in your face like your eyes are deceiving you," Leslie said.

Jennifer suggests Angela stands over Marcus with a radio, next time he is in the bath tub and threaten to drop it. She would say that.

"Look Jennifer, stop watching those Tyler Perry movies," Leslie said. Lol. That scene is from I Can Do Bad All By Myself.

"Why don't you stop hating on me Spike," Jennifer responded.

Lol! Good plugs Tyler Perry.

Angela said she's tired and she doesn't even have the energy to fight.

"Go home, get your pass and get ya ghetto back," Jennifer advises Angela.

Marcus' personal life starts affecting his performance at work, he starts spacing out and missing his lines on his show. He says he's been staring at the picture over and over trying to figure out what happened that night.

Marcus swears since him and Angela started over he has never cheated on her. Richard decides they should keep the picture and letter under raps so it doesn't ruin his rep or the company's rep.

Joseph refreshes his memory and tells Marcus the photo is when they were invited to a bachelor party and that Marcus was hammered. So it is clear that Marcus was passed out in the photo and set up like I said in last weeks recap.

Marcus is in the Dog House with Angela, Trust is Out the Window

Marcus goes to Angela's shop to explain the bachelor party night but she's not hearing it. She points out that Marcus doesn't even remember anything so how should she trust that he didn't sleep with the woman.

"You're a sorry a** son of a b*tch," Angela says to Marcus. "This is an act of a sorry a** man."

And of course she continues to berate him and Marcus says he is sick of her nasty attitude and he still refuses to leave his house after Angela repeatedly asks him too.

Later on Angela has that Waiting to Exhale moment and drags her garden wheelbarrow upstairs to the closet and throws Marcus' clothes in it.

She pulls up at the parking lot of Marcus' job and transfers his clothes to his car while mumbling "you wanna mess with hoes...get out of my wanna f*ck with me!"

Then she lights up a cigarette, smokes it and lights his car on fire, Angela Bassett style.

The intern rushes in during live taping and tells Marcus to get outside. Everyone runs outside as Angela is honking her horn.

And why towards the end, Todd poses infront of the burning car and takes a picture on his phone, he's a mess!

In the next episode, Marcus actually returns home and finds his clothes ruined in the closet. He calmly gives Angela a dirty look, goes to the kitchen and eats his dinner in peace, ignoring all the stuff coming out her mouth.

"You know you forced me to do this right Marcus...I asked you to leave this house and you don't leave..." Angela said.

He keeps sitting there quietly and she reaches for a pan and swings it at him! But he catches it and holds her down then sits back at the table and eats his meal.

Back at the job, Marcus has a melt down while they're shooting. Todd tells the fellas he's never getting married because he see's what Marcus is going through.

Marcus says he used to play along just to keep the peace in his house, like giving Angela his password to his cellphone and even though he's not doing anything wrong, he said Angela makes him feel like he's doing something wrong.

Joseph advises Marcus to stand his ground.

Later on, Angela and Leslie work on expanding the shop.

"The best way to beat heartbreak is to keep it moving," Leslie advises Angela.

A contracter shows up at Angela's shop and tries to jog her memory that him and Angela slept together during a drunken night, 13 years ago after a party before, right before her and  Marcus got married and during one of her and Marcus' arguments.

The man says it was the best night of his life and that Angela left him in the morning. The funny thing is Angela doesn't remember the night and says she doesn't know who he is. She thinks Marcus is setting her up by sending the man in the shop to say those things so she can feel bad.

"You know Marcus I really do remember the people I slept with, I'm not all," Angela said to Marcus when she gets home from work to confront him about his set up.

But Marcus didn't set anything up. Looks like Angela is in a similar sitaution and now the tables have turned.

Will Angela and Marcus make it?


  1. Wow! Thanks girl. I look forward to your posts since I don't have time to watch another show lol.


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