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Sunday Scenario: How Far Would You Go To Make Ends Meet?

Good morning, yes these posts are back! If you missed last weeks Scenario Sunday, click HERE (Moving Forward After Cheating) ....comments are always welcomed.

Lindsay LohanSo, we all know that Lindsay Lohan recently posed nude for Playboy and received a million dollars out of it...this weeks Sunday Scenario stems off of that.

People tend to say, "oh, I'll never do that!" But in desperate and tough times, how far would you go to make ends meet? 

Would you do anything to survive? Even if it means bare all and shoot some pics or even further for a little piece of change?


  1. I draw the line at anything that is degrading to me and/or that could come back and reflect negatively on myself or my family, including future husband and kids. Also includes anything that will affect my health. In regards to this post story, I will NOT post nude for any amount of money because media whether its newspapers, magazines or electronic media is forever and I don't want my kids to ever deal with one of their friends teasing them because they saw my nude picture in one of their daddy's old magazines lol. Then imagine what you want for yourself, when you get to the top, people will always try and dig up stuff to ruin you even if it was the past and is not who you are or what you do now.

  2. I wouldnt degrade myself either, no porn or anything crazy...maybe a boob here or there lol, J/K! But in hard times I would just resort back to retail I guess


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