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The Funniest Things Decoded on MTV's 'Guy Code' So Far

So I've been watching MTV's Guy Code but I've just been too busy to post my thoughts about it. But this show is funny as hell! As I'm watching the show I'm reminded of how happy I am that I'm a female.

Who knew there were so many guy rules! Don't get me wrong, us females have plenty of rules too.

So the Guy Code show is about investigating the issues that all guys face so you men can step up your game. There are so many codes and decoding; like the amount of space a man should leave between himself and another man while pee'ing at a urinal and remember to always look straight and there's even rules for when it's okay for guys to cry.


For the male species, tears are pretty much for suckers I guess.

Lil' Duval, the comedian who dishes out his advice and thoughts on Guy Code, said "I gaurantee if you watch The Notebook you will cry."

He's talking about chicks and guys. Is a guy considered a lil' b*tch if he cries at a movie? Or does it depend on which movie he's watching?

Charlamagne, a radio personality on Power 105, said there's not much to do when a grown man is crying. But check this, the game is totally different for when a woman cries because we get consoled unlike men. Ha ha.

On last nights episode Guy Code covered how to avoid getting stuck in the "friend zone," social networks, cars and contraception. They also said it's worse when a woman cheats because it's premeditated and when a guy cheats it's just cheating... wow at that one.

The "Friend Zone"

According to Guy Code, if you're hanging out with a girl for three to four years and nothing popped off, you're a handbag. A guy shouldn't be in the friend zone for more than a month tops. And men, if a girl talks about other guys to you = friend zone!

Reasons why women put guys in the friend zone: Terrible sex, small penis and I added...sometimes you're just not our type and that can go for looks or personality.

Social Networking

This had to be one of my favorite segments on the show and what they said was so true. Here are some codes and pointers from the show for both sexes:

  • A guys profile pic should always be fully clothed
  • No crazy, corny, up close camera faces; especially for chicks
  • You don't need to update your status every 10 minutes, thats what Twitter is for
  • If you're tweeting/updating how much of a good time you're having, chances are you're lying
  • A real man's Facebook page should be bare minimum; no thoughts, no feelings, and a minimum of ten pictures
  • "Just because you have a Facebook or Twitter and some friends... you are not an icon, nobody is keeping up with you. If you were to die today it would not be a trending topic, please remember that!"
  • If a girl is not in her profile picture, most likely she is busted
  • Go to the tagged photos to really see what someone looks like because that is where people are caught off gaurd and aren't as prepared for the photo

Some of my favorite guy codes from last weeks episode:

  • No chasers
  • No ice
  • Just shots!
  • No cherries
  • No umbrella's or pineapples (unless there's sand around)
  • No drinks with "tini" in it (ex/ passion fruit martini)
  • And a man must know how to hold his liquor!
Vinny from the Jersey Shore said, "Be the guy that everybody wants to be around."

 Bathroom Products

Vinny said, "If your face wash has a face wash then you're breaking the guy code."

So supposedly guys only need soap for everything but some guys actually like our girly products but they probably won't tell us. 

Guy Code also revealed that guys shouldn't take longer than women to get ready; shower and shave that is all. I agree on that one.

But trust us guys, we have no problem with you taking care of yourself, so not all bathroom products are a bad idea. Smell good, hygiene is very important.

But remember this and they said it on Guy Code"If you don't wipe your a**, you're gonna date girls who doesn't wipe their a**."

Also, a man shouldn't take a bath with bubbles unless 1) a woman is waiting for him or unless 2) you're Rev Run tweeting daily wisdoms from the tub.

Ha, ha, ha!!!


  1. they said do not drink out of a straw, have you ever looked close at bar glasses they are dirty, at high volume bars the glasses cannot be cleaned perfect, there are always germs on them and sometimes residue of lipstick, most bars to not use soap or very hot water, its your risk

  2. You're absolutely right! The glasses are quickly dumped in water and then air dried without even being scrubbed more than half the time

  3. That's why I only drink out of plastic cups

  4. You know your drink is already in the glass. Kinda think the damage is done.


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