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WTF Wednesdays! - Keyshia Cole's Mom Releases 'The Frankie Leg' (Video)

Keyshia's Coles mother, Frankie Lons (you may remember Frankie from Keyshia's reality show The Way It Is) debuted her video The Frankie Leg yesterday and as soon as I pressed play and saw her dancing I was like WTF! I'm done.

Frankie reminds me of Mama Jones, for all my Love & Hip Hop heads, a mama releasing rap videos...what is going on? Yea it's funny and all but umm....

"Do not attempt to adjust your radio's, there is nothing wrong," Frankie says before she teaches the dance. Watch below:

"Put your hand on your hip and let your back bone slip and do the old folk," the lyrics say.

I'm sorry but I can't get with this song. As if The Stanky Leg dance wasn't enough, lol. Don't let your mother outshine you Keyshia! Lol. I'm waiting on your new album.

Someone tweeted Keyshia yesterday and asked what she thought about The Frankie Leg and Keyshia responded, "I think its hilarious that sh@t cray."

I searched #TheFrankieLeg to see if people were talking about it and someone tweeted, "Keyshia Cole moms basically took every bad black dance of the past 10 years and made it into one horrible monstrosity called #TheFrankieLeg"

Hilarious! I can think of a lot of bad dances that were popular. Well, the song is available for download on iTunes. Will you be doing The Frankie Leg?