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Guy Code: The Holiday Edition

"Tis' the season to get the f*ck outta my face! ....Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaa." Lol!!!

Just in time for the holidays!

Guy Code featured back-to-back episodes last night for a special holiday edition about gift giving, holiday parties, New Year Eve's and going home for the holidays.

Guys who are scrooges drain the life out of Christmas and it's no fun, no girl wants to be around a crabby guy. If you don't like the holiday season chances are you're broke and you were miserable all year long, according to Guy Code.

Holiday violations for men:

  • You don't want to be the dude wearing the sweater with a reindeer
  • No Christmas caroling
  • Not a lot of ornaments
 What men should do:

  • Have mistletoe strategically placed around your house to get some
  • Your tree determines the status of your relationship; a big tree says you're in a relationship; single guys have a small Charlie Brown looking Christmas tree
Holiday Parties:

Your job finally gives back at the office work party, but be careful...
  • You can get promoted or you can get fired
  • The guy code is always bring something to the party: Cookies or Booze
  • You can only talk to your boss when you're two drinks in, not five drinks in
  • No grinding on co-workers
Gift Giving Rules:

Yes there is a code to giving gifts. Charlamagne thinks a man shouldn't buy another man a Christmas gift.

But if you do buy another guy a gift, these are acceptable gifts according to Guy Code:
1) Booze     2) A Gun     3) A Sword

Vinny said a guys gift to another guy shouldn't be well thought out because this is something that happens between a guy and a girl.

And no ribbon!

Men: When giving a gift to your woman:
  • Put thought into a gift so your woman knows you listened to her and payed attention.
  • Don't spend too much money. Women can tell if it is a last minute gift or not. (Yes we can!)
  • Guys should practice their fake enthusiasm when receiving a gift from their girl.
Women: When giving a gift to your man:
  • Lil' Duval suggests getting another woman for your man on Christmas, lol.
New Year's:

"Proscratination is like masturbation, you're screwing yourself!"

  • Don't make New Year's plans at the last minute
  • You can get away with kissing any girl at midnight on New Years
  • Don't wait until the New Year to try and turn over a new leaf.... "2012 is going to be my year!" ...Yeah right! You probably said that last year.
That's all. Happy Holidays!