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WTF Wednesdays: Teenager Gets Stuck in Chimney

I remember doing some strange things as a teenager, like falling out of a window and landing on my butt just to sneak out the house when I was on punishment back in high school.

But, I read a story last week about a teen who missed curfew and tried to sneak back into his own house through the chimney! Why did he think that would ever work? Lol. 

The teenager winded up getting stuck and was embarrassed when the firefighters had to get him out. **Shaking my head** 

Watch the video below:

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  1. LOL! This is still so funny to me! Not only are you now caught, the whole world also knows you were caught and they are laughing at you! I wouldn't even punish him if I were his parents. I would just dvr the news story and make you watch it with me and laugh at you knowing you are now embarrassed!

  2. LOL! Word! Thanx for the heads up on this story, this had me dying laughing. Especially the kids facial expression when he gets pulled out


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