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Guy Code: Tattoo Rules, Girlfriends, Plus More...Funny Ish!

T.I. on Guy Code
The topics on last nights Guy Code included: girlfriends, tatt's, men diets, girlfriends & sports and T.I.'s "good a** night."


According to Lil' Duval, this is how men feel: "Anybody can get our thing, but not everybody can get our hearts."

When is she "the one"....
  • When she puts up with your sh*t, literally and figuratively
  • Someone that helps you take on the world = a soul-mate
  • When you're done sleeping around with other women
The men on Guy Code
According to Guy Code, men shouldn't go into details of past relationships, keep it short and simple to not reveal too much. 

Say something like, "It didn't work out, what's important is that we're together now." <<<< Good line!

Now us ladies like to know sex numbers; if a man is on the one hand rule, two hand rule, or if you have to use your fingers and your toes to count.

According to Guy Code, guys shouldn't reveal their real number, round it down to 50. <<<< totally DON'T agree! This is starting off a relationship with a lie **shaking my head**

Also, men...just because you have a girlfriend doesn't mean you have to lose all your guy friends.


Tattoo's say a lot about you. According to Guy Code, you get what you paid for and if you don't have the money to spend on a nice tattoo, then fall back!

"Tattoo's used to mean something and now all you need is $300 and a free afternoon."
  • Do your research, find a good tattoo artist
  • Make sure the place is clean
  • Come up with an original idea
  • Guys can't have a lower back "tramp stamp" tattoo
  • Don't get tatt's on what is considered "a lady part" like the wrist
  • No facial tattoo's!
  • Get a tatt that can be covered up by a dress shirt so you can have a real job

"If you have a face tattoo, you might as well shut down your LinkedIn account. Your corporate aspirations are a wrap!" <<<< LOL! So true. I always say get a tattoo that can be covered, keep it professional...well if you care to get a professional job.

Back in January I did a post about celebrities with facial tatt's: WTF Wednesday's: Facial Tattoo's

Men Dieting:
  • Guys can't be fat like a girl; no boobs, no pregnant belly and no hips
You need to diet if:
  • you no longer can see your penis
  • your belly is in the way of having sex
  • AND if your girl has to go on a treasure hunt to look for your package
Another thing that was mentioned briefly on Guy Code was how guys should approach women. 

Men, if you want a lady then approach her like a lady. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when a guy comes bouncing over and yells out, "Hey Ma." Ughhh! Not sexy my dude.

Girlfriends & Sports:

"The dream girlfriend is the girl that will watch the football game and give you head during the commercials." <<<< LOL!

Wanna know how to get your girlfriend to like sports or how to tell your homeboy he is overweight? Check out the latest episode of Guy Code below:

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