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Drake's Thoughts About a Fan Getting His Name Tatted On Her Forehead

A couple weeks ago I posted a story about the random chick who tatted Drake's name across her forehead. 

Well, the news got back to Drake and he now has the picture of the woman in his cellphone. 

Drake recently spoke out about the situation and although he says the tattoo is incredible, he doesn't seem too pleased about other things.

In the interview below, Drake said he wants to meet the woman and understand exactly what happened.

Drake also had some words for the tattoo artist who originally called him a "goofnugget R&B dude" in an interview. Drake said the tattoo artist should lose his job. 

He also said, "The guy who tattooed it is a f*ckin' a**hole...and if I ever see you I'ma f*ck you up."  


  1. LOL like Drake didn't even really say anything! He could have used more real words in that "interview" or whatever you call it. It didn't seem as if he really liked it lol.

  2. Drake is a punk lol, I do like him tho but he needs to go sit in the corner and go cry in "Marvin's Room" lol


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