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'Kings of Queens': How Far Would You Go To Get Your Fast Food?

In this hilarious Kings of Queens episode "Fight Schlub," which originally aired in 2006, Doug (Kevin James) befriends the work enemy in a classic beef between two mail companies spinning off into a bar fight. 

The fight scene
In another funny scene Doug forgets the height of his truck and gets stuck under a Clearance sign, under an overpass while in a drive thru line, preventing him from reaching his food.

I was just cracking up at this when the repeat came on last week on My9.

Watch below to see what happens.


  1. LOL at trying to order for "a friend"! And Daaaaag they played him! I actually felt bad lol. I cant believe they actually let those guys punk them tho.

    SO La La, how do you feel about them skipping out on the bill?

  2. Skipping out on a bill is very bad!!! and Doug is too funny on this show, he is so greedy and even though his truck got stuck he still got his food! lol


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