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Love & Hip Hop: Mama Jones Makes Things Right and Kimbella Throws a Party for Emily

This week on Love & Hip Hop: Kimbella meets up with Emily because Kimbella felt uneasy about the toast that Emily gave her in last weeks episode. She tells Emily that she came to her party talking crazy out her mouth.

Emily said it was built up frustration and that she never had to meet anyone that Fabolous has ever been with. Emily said in the moment Kimbella represented all of the chicks Fabolous has been with.

"It's girls like that, that makes it hard for women like me that have been in relationships for many years. I just wish Kimbella the best of luck in her relationship because karma is a b*tch," Emily said.

The two decide to move forwad and get over the situation. Kimbella says maybe they can be friends but Emily says she has to think about that.

"I have friends, I have enough of them and none of them screwed my ex man," Emily said.

Well you can't change the past, so time to move on. Meeting adjourned...for now.

Later on, Kimbella realizes that the way she came off at Emily's party wasn't right and later meets up with Somaya at the gym. Somaya doesn't judge Kimbella off of who she's been sleeping with. Somaya even said she has been in that situation before, as the other chick.

"This girl Kimbella brought upon her own problem and she better fix it before it gets worse," Somaya said.

Kimbella figures since she ruined Emily's party, she'll now invite Emily for a girls night out with her friends.

Olivia's manager, Rich is unsure of the state of Olivia's career and he is unsure if people are buying in because different labels are now giving them the run around. Olivia's song "December" has already diminished in the music scene and Rich said the song didn't do what it was supposed to do.

Olivia said she'll be independent if nobody wants to cut her a deal and says she won't stress over it but Rich thinks differently and says 9 to 5's are going to be calling.

Olivia later on meets with a Sony Music A&R guy who offers Olivia some advice. He tells her that people need to know who Olivia is through her lyrics to express how she is feeling instead of singing random songs.

Olivia discusses her frustrating meeting with Wayne Williams to Yandy and her strained relationship with her mother.She sings for him and he said her song needs some work. Olivia starts getting annoyed with the meeting and thinks this is just another person who doesn't get it and she says there is a lot that goes in writing a song.

A down and out Olivia decides to visit her friend Yandy for some advice. As a manager, Yandy keeps it real and says Olivia has a good voice and she is beautiful and all but she doesn't want Olivia just to blend in with everyone else who is already out in the music business.

Yandy said people have to know Olivia so they can relate to her music. Olivia reveals the reason that she doesn't bond with people and says it is because she never really talked to her mother when she was little. Olivia said her mother would just leave letters around, instead of talking to her. She said she really hated her mother.

So Yandy advised that Olivia shares that with the world through her music and says doors will open up when people can relate to her.

We see Mama Jones in this episode, haven't seen her since the "Psychotic B*tch" rap song she made. Jim meets up with his mother and expresses his concerns about her and Chrissy. He tells his mother that a lot of things she did was uncalled for.

"You rapping and dissing my lady, the lady I'm with, the lady that I love...mommy you should not even be rapping, you're a mother of a grown man," Jim said.

Tell it Jim!

Mama Jones feels disturbed when Jim doesn't understand her point of view and says she has been disrespected by Chrissy too. But Jim stands up for Chrissy and says to his mom, "who is supposed to be the grown up here when you're supposed to be the mother but is not acting like a mother."

Oh not he didn't tell her that!

Jim said, "I love my mom to death but my moms is not the lady I'm with."

Jim said it bothers him that he has two of the most important people that he loves in his life but has to keep them away from each other so there's no fighting.

Mama Jones decides it is time to step up and be the bigger person and make things right with Chrissy. So later on, Chrissy and Mama Jones discuss the state of their relationship and they both actually pull off having a civil conversation with each other.

Mama Jones created shirts that said the phrase, "Psychotic B*tch" on it. Chrissy doesn't mind the shirts or Mama Jones' hustle but points out that the word psychotic is spelled wrong on the shirts but Mama Jones already printed 10,000 of the shirts! Wow.

Later, Jim surprises Chrissy with a Moroccan theme dinner on a rooftop.

Chrissy and Jim celebrate a romantic night under the stars."My love for Chrissy is unconditional. Everyday I love her more, I love her for the person she is," Jim said.

Aww! I love seeing the softer side to these hard acting rappers.

So at the end of the show, Emily says she can't be mad at Kimbella because at the end of the day Kimbella didn't know about Emily and Fabolous' relationship. So Emily decides to attend Kimbella's party.

Kimbella throws Emily's party with female strippers, male strippers and drinks and Somaya, Olivia and Teairra Mari come along with Emily.

The male strippers get friendly with the cast of Love and Hip Hop.Emily was too funny when she was running away from the strippers because she didn't want them to touch her. I don't blame her though, you don't know where their bodies have been at.

Then who walks in...Chrissy!

Kimbella pulls Chrissy to the side and talks to her. The two haven't seen each other since the fight in the first episode.

Kimbella is expecting an apology from Chrissy and an explanation of why she got punched but doesn't get one. Instead she gets the regular Chrissy.

"If you don't understand why I did it by now then me sitting here telling you is still not gonna help," Chrissy said.

Chrissy straight up tells Kimbella that she doesn't want to have this conversation and she only came because Emily invited her.

Then, Chrissy goes over to her girls and tells Emily that in the real world, after you violate somebody like the way she violated Kimbella, there is no moving forward.

Kimbella tries to talk things out with Chrissy, but Chrissy refuses to apologize.Kimbella sees Chrissy talking about her and says Chrissy still has the nerve to sit there, talking crap and says, "It's my party and you're not giving me an apology and you still wanna talk about me...hell no!"

Kimbella walks over to join the conversation and Chrissy tells Kimbella that there is no dialogue between them and tells Kimbella they should both stay on seperate sides and keep it moving.

Well, I already knew Chrissy wasn't going to apologize. But next week, Kimbella is still on it and demands an apology and she texts Chrissy about it. Also, Emily invites Fabolous to one of her fashion shows.