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Jersey Shore News: Season 5 Official Trailer (Video) and Pauly D & Vinny are Branching Their Talents Out

The Jersey Shore crew is coming back for a season 5 on January 12th. Below is the official trialer for the upcoming season which includes more partying, drinking, fighting and of course fist pumping. 

There is also still beef between Snooki and Mike, more Team Meatball craziness and we also see the part that the internet has been buzzing about; Vinny leaving the shore house to go home! And is there mention of a new roommate in the trailer or will Vinny make a return?

According to CNN, Vinny is expanding his theatrical resume with a Syfy movie called the Jersey Shore Shark Attack where Vinny will play an on-scene reporter.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Syfy's film will be set during a Fourth of July weekend at the Shore, when underwater drilling forces hordes of ticked off sharks to converge and start attacking people. Jersey Shore Shark Attack is scheduled to air next summer.

And Paul DelVecchio a.k.a DJ Pauly D,  has also been busy. He recently became a part of rapper 50 Cent's music group. Pauly has now officially signed to G-Note record label which is 50's dance and pop music featured label.

"Big Big Things in the Works @50cent and @DJPaulyD!!!!! #yeahhhhbuddy," Pauly D tweeted last week.

Pauly D has been spinning records since he was 16-years-old and has since become a fixture in the nightlife scene. Pauly D was also an opening act during a few dates on Britney Spears "Femme Fatale" tour over the summer, according to the Daily News.