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Now that Christmas is Over, Get those Thank-You Notes In Order

I have an aunt who lives in North Carolina and ever since I was little she has always sent Christmas presents through the mail for me and my younger siblings. I am 26-years-old now and every year I'm surprised that I still get a Christmas gift from her just because I'm not a kid anymore. 

I happened to look at the postage on the package and it came to $9 and some change. So I thought wow, people that send Christmas presents through mail, every year, really have to go through a lot. Not only do they spend money on shopping, but also on sending the present. 

Although I call my aunt up and say thank you because I don't see her in person often, being that I live in New Jersey, I also write her a thank you note.

I read an article in The Record entitled "Thank-you notes are always in style" and it got me thinking if someone can go out their way to send you a present then it shouldn't hurt to go out your way and mail off a nice thought out thank you card. It shows that you appreciate the present and the persons time, effort and money.

Now, a thank you note doesn't only have to be mailed to people who mail presents. Thank you notes come in handy for anyone who you feel deserves one, even if you hand it to someone in person...sometimes they're a good strategy when it comes to jobs as well.

"'s good practice to send out a thank-you note within 48 hours...that 48 hours really keeps it fresh in someone's mind, so the sooner the better." - The Record

I like to mail things to people, me myself, I know I don't receive a lot of "happy" mail. People usually receive bills, so why not mail off something that will put a smile on someone's face who may cherish the card you send them.

I'm a card junky. I kept every past holiday, birthday, graduation, thank you or Valentine Day card since high school. And every year on Christmas I hang up the new holiday cards as decorations.

But I'm getting off topic. Back to what I was saying about thank you notes...

I know some of you new media people are like, well I can just call, Skype, Facebook, email or text "thank you." 

People nowadays are so caught up with technology that we often forget that this social media shouldn't serve as a substitute for the old way of doing things; which is talking in person, talking on the phone and writing a note or letter. 

Do people still hand write things? When is the last time you hand written a note and actually took the time out to sit down, get some nice paper and perhaps write in cursive or your best hand writing?

So these are the little things that matter...the simple thank you card.


  1. LOL I remember the notes you used to mail me once you moved from Montclair, I still have a few! But yea I am guilty of being very techie and sending a text or calling before I will write out a Thank You card. Good thing is I don't get many "gifts" that aren't from the person I am standing in front of when I get it and can just give them a nice hug. I agree though, people should send Thank You cards out, esp if someone sends you a gift or money!


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