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Monday Madness: Where is the Holiday Spirit? ...It's Gone

Call me Scrooge, but Christmas is not the same anymore as I get older.

As a kid I would stay up all night waiting to possibly see Santa, leaving milk and cookies out for him but would always fall asleep while my parents sneak in and place the presents under the I learned later on.

I used to be the first one up every Christmas, just waiting to open the presents.

My parents would always sleep late so I would try and peek in the presents and feel to see what I have because I couldn't wait to open them. 

After opening the presents the whole family spends the whole day together, bugging out and watching holiday movies.

But nowadays Christmas has changed and not just because as I you get older you sometimes receive less presents than when you're a kid, because Christams is not just about receiving presents.

But, there are more responsibilites that come with aging which start to come in the way of the family getting together.

I'll be working my first Christmas this year and although I can't complain because I'm lucky to be employed, this news really bummed out my family that we won't be complete.

For the past couple of years I have worked around the holidays and couldn't wait for the holiday madness to be over. Working in retail and in a restaurant sometimes will suck the holiday spirit right out of you, as it did me in previous years. Holiday music is totally played out already to me, I don't even want to hear it in stores. And don't even ask me to be apart of secret Santa! The answer is no.

I can't wait for the malls to clear out and go back to normal, for kids to go back to school, for traffic to be normal and the roadways to be cleared and for all the stores to be normal again.

So lets hurry up 2012 and start the year all over again.

For further Monday Madness, here is a list of places I hate going to during the weekend because I have no patience dealing with crowds and annoying people:

  • The grocery store
  • The mall
  • Movie theaters (Those talkative little teens really know how to mess up the movie experience)
  • Restaurants (What is the wait?? Like over an hour on the weekend. Reservations please!)
  • Six Flags, any amusement park
  • Motor Vehicles (I hate going here period)
  • Work (Lol, just kidding...I love my job!)
  • The gym


  1. I so feel you! I think for me, the anticipation of getting gifts change to the stress of if I have enough money to BUY gifts for everyone I want to get gifts for. I know it is not about the gifts, but I still want to do it. Also, now that I work full-time, it is tiring to travel during the holidays, I'd rather be relaxing at home ANYway. I enjoy family and fun anytime of the year so as long as I get that sometime, it isn't necessary for me to go all out for a holiday.

  2. I didn't even mention the money part...that's another depressing thing about the holidays..buying presents for all of the people I have to cover smh

  3. LOL sorry did I deepen the depression?

  4. Hahaaa noo it's ok, ill be fine...and broke lol


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