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Love Games: The Ladies Spit Some Rhymes, Dissing Each Other and Connecting with New Guys

This weeks Love Games starts off with Kori telling Judi that in last weeks episode she feels as if Sydney tried to embarrass her infront of all the guys when Sydney confronted her on talking crap.

"I can't stand Sydney right now, I kicked her a** last night and I want to finish the job," Kori said.

Kori and Judi start talking about teaming up against Sydney and getting all of her guys out of the house together. Kori said she will never see Judi as a threat but will use her against Sydney. Judi see's right through Kori and see's her as fake and phony.

Sydney thinks she has John and Jonathan on her side but is John just playing the game? Kori tries and bonds with the guys in wanting them to see more of her than her "pretty face and boobs." Lol.

As Kori is opening up about her past family issues, Sydney walks in and grabs the guys attention.
The HBIC challenge for this week is about swagger, the ladies took part in their own rap battle where they had to out diss each other. They take turns picking their guys to help them write their diss songs.

To help judge, hip hop legend Too Short came through to watch the ladies performances.

Judi messes up on stage and  forgets her lyrics right in the middle of rapping but then she starts freestyling on the spot.

Sydney feels out of her element during this challenge but tries to make her raps funny and her and Kori have some good diss lines in their songs.

Too Short said Kori rapped better than the other two ladies but he chooses Judi as the winner for her originality. Kori thinks her guys are saved with Judi as HBIC since her and Judi decided to team up earlier.
As HBIC Judi picks the dates for herself and the other two ladies.

She chooses opposite choices for the other ladies; picking Pasqual for Sydney and calls him "an icecream cone mixed with a troll" and she picks Edson for Kori saying he has way too much personality for Kori. And Judi picks Robby for herself.

The living room gets transformed into a love palace and the ladies pick their second dates; Sydney picks Matthew, Kori picks Nick H. and Judi picks Jonathan trying to lock him in all the way.

Some of the guys start feeling Judi more after her freestyle rap battle and are torn between their feelings for Sydney and Judi. 

Sydney makes the guys dinner and gets an attitude at John who doesn't come to eat his dinner right away when she calls him.

"This b*tch is tripping," John said.

Later on he apologizes to Sydney and doesn't want to get in trouble with the other girls.

Judi realizes she needs more guys on 'Team Judi' and she starts reeling in some of Sydney's guys. She says the guys like sobber Judi rather than crazy Judi, which we saw on Bad Girls Club.

Even though John and Judi didn't hit it off right on the first night, remember Judi spazzed out on him?, they connect now and kiss.

Pasquale peeps John's game and says he's going to throw a curveball his way.

Later on, he tells Sydney that John was talking to Judi and was all over her.

Sydney goes to confront Judi but when Pasquale walks in the room, everything changes when the ladies turn on him and Sydney curses Pasquale out for yelling at Judi.

"I'm scared as hell of Sydney, like everytime I see her I think she's Chucky's bride, she's f*cking nuts," Judi said.

Things are kind of awkward during the dates later because Pasquale was picked as Sydney's date. Pasquale calls Sydney out on her date when he see's her having a good time with her other date choice, Matthew. She plays Pasquale out and he doesn't understand her actions because he was trying to be real.
Later, Jonathan notices they're might be some undercover brothers in the house as he hears the bathroom door lock with a naked Chris and Michael in there.
"I'm here for vagina not penis," Joey said.

Chris (to the right) Michael (to the left)
Could this be a bromance?


At the end, HBIC Judi puts the naked guys; Michael and Chris up for elimination. She said she's putting the guys who didn't have her back up on the chopping block.

Judi said Chris is more worried at swinging his ding-a-ling around then swinging her way.

Judi grabs Pasquale, who I thought was automatically going in the bottom three this week, and she tells him her yelling was all an act to throw Sydney off and she tells Pasquale he's safe.

Judi remembers that Kori sent home her guy Nick last week so she decides to put Joey up for elimination as her third choice, since Joey is all the way 'Team Kori.'

Bye Michael
Kori says game on and for revenge she teams up with her former BGC roommate to start working on sending Judi's guys home.

During elimination, Chris defends his sexuality and says he's not bisexual, he just likes being naked. Kori and Sydney decide to save Joey first and then they eliminate Michael.