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"A New Year, A New Me," Blah, Blah and All That Sh*t!

I'm so sick of hearing the "New year, new me" saying. Like, I don't mean to sound negative but I have to go off on this rant. Why do people decide to change themselves or their ways at the start of the new year? Why not do it now?

I understand that people make New Years resolutions because it is a new year so they feel like they have a clean slate. But lets get real ... if you're trying to have good credit in 2012, that is a good goal but realize you still have your past year problems and if your credit is jacked up, it is still there.

If you say every year you're going to lose weight, stop smoking or get good grades and you haven't accomplished it yet, who are you fooling? Yourself! You know you're just talking the same ol' smack every year, yet nothing gets accomplished. 

So my point is, instead of waiting to make those New Years Resolutions and going around telling everyone, DO THEM NOW! Do it as soon as you think about changing and make it your point to get it done. 

Only you can hold yourself back and if you don't accomplish your goals or make changes then maybe deep down inside you really don't want to make those changes.

So evaluate yourself. 

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  1. LOL yea I think it is very silly as well. Just do it if thats something you really want to do for yourself. If its Sept, dont say "next year"...start NOW!

  2. I actually got one of my new years resolutions done last year and I'm very proud of myself, I'll text you what it was lol. But I gave up saying losing weight as a resolution every yr lol


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