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Love Games: Sydney Erupts Again Turning Some of the Guys Off & Judi Feels Alone

***Sorry I'm late on this post, but my Tivo didn't record it right away.

This week starts off with a pissed off Sydney walking out of the elimination from last weeks episode. She tells John what eliminated Jordan said, that John is only here for Judi. John said he's dealt with over protected women before and says he usually comes out on top.

John and Sydney argue like an old married couple
"...In this house she is messing with the wrong person!" Sydney screams out about Judi.

And who is John with while Sydney is yelling? Judi, lol.

Like stop it Sydney, you're looking dumb.

Kori is still on a mission to use Sydney to her advantage to get Judi's men out of the house and Judi is scared that the other bad girls are working together against her. 

Kori says she wants Matthew to leave next, since he's in the house for Judi.

Sydney is on a mission to round up more guys to get them on her team. Edson keeps it smart and says he's feeling Judi but he's going to get to know all three ladies.
This is so fake, Kori doesn't really care

Judi and Sydney once again argue when Sydney confronts John on his feelings for her.

"...You be coming at me on that child, petty bullsh*t," John screams out to Sydney after she asks him why he's so disrespectful.

I'm sick of tired of you going out on that ghetto a**, nasty b*tch," Sydney screams out at John as he walks away.

John said he has literally lost count on how many times they have argued and he says if Sydney wants to kick him to the curb it's cool because he can go right over to Judi.

During the HBIC challenge, Tanisha tells the ladies they will be using an EKG machine. The guys get hooked up to the  machine and get their rested heart rates measured first.

Then, It is the ladies job to get the average highest percentage to get their guys hearts really pumping to win HBIC. 

But, here's the catch; the ladies don't get to pick their own guys, they pick for each other instead.

Sydney picks the guys who are not attracted to Judi but Judi does what she has to do to raise her guys heart rates; massages and a whole lot of grinding. Judi plays smart and chooses John for Kori and you can tell in Sydney's face she is so frustrated watching her man walk in the cabana with Kori.

"Getting in the cabana with John is awkward, I'm definitely not touching his lips after they've been on Sydneys," Kori said.

And Kori completely fails getting John's heart rate up. 

Sydney strategizes and picks Pasquale for Judi, knowing they don't like each other. 

But her plan backfired and Judi manages to turn Pasquale on which raises his heart rate all the way up.

The bad girl with the highest heart rate average percentage was Sydney and she's HBIC for the second week in a row.

Sydney picks Robby as her date and she picks Nick for Kori and Edson for Judi - all three of the men won the challenge with Sydney so they're automatic picks for the other ladies.

Sydney asked John as her second date choice but John turns her down! He says, "nah, I'm straight." 

Wow! That might be a bad move John, Sydney is the HBIC with the power now. Sydney chooses Jonathan instead. Kori chooses Joey, of course and Judi chooses John. Uh-oh! That's a smack in the face for Sydney.

Watch Sydney Explode Below and the Ladies' Dates:

Yes Sydney, this is not the Bad Girls Club this is Love Games.

Elimination Process:

Later on, John and Sydney make up, he tells Sydney to choose her eliminations wisely and put some of Kori's guys up for elimination because she has a lot more guys in the house, more than Judi, John says.

Finally this punk is eliminated!
Sydney decides to put up Pasquale, Chris and of course Matthew who is all the way 'Team Judi', up for elimination. 

After the men plead their cases as to why the ladies should choose them to stay in the house, Kori and Judi agree on saving Matthew. 

Kori says she chooses to save Matthew because Judi will be so into him and she'll be able to take the rest of Judi's men. 

In the end, Pasquale gets eliminated.

After the elimination, Sydney said she is going to keep her friends close but her enemies even closer. She makes up with Judi and gives her a hug. Kori see's Sydney hugging Judi and says that Sydney is just playing the game. Kori says Sydney shouldn't make it so obvious and do it right in front of her.

But, Judi makes it clear that she'll forgive, she won't forget and the game is not over.

Next week: The guys exes come through!