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Oh Snap! Lil' Kim is Trying to Make a Comeback

Look who it is...

....And the picture says "coming soon." This isn't just another ol' mixtape, oh nooo Queen B is back in the studio making an album and re-teaming up with 50 Cent, which she tweeted about on Tuesday.

The picture above looks good which is something I haven't said about Lil' Kim in awhile with all the plastic surgery she had done throughout the years.
The last album we've gotten from Kim was in 2005 and she tweeted on Christmas, "Hey Guys!!! I have a little Gift for U. A little preview of what's to come. Merry Christmas :) !!!!!"

There are speculations that the picture above is the new artwork for her upcoming album. She tweeted back in November that she would release five songs by the end of this year with more to come in 2012. She already released "I Am Not the One" last month.

And can you believe this...Lil' Kim is 37-years-old! My how time passes by. Well, I'm excited she is back, I miss the 90's Kim. One thing Kim, just don't drop any albums around Valentine's Day, that's Nicki Minaj's time, lol.