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Lady Gaga and Her "Boyfriend" Out and About

I put the quotation marks around 'boyfriend' in the headline because I don't know what this guy is to Lady Gaga. But according to many online sources, Gaga is dating Taylor Kinny who plays in The Vampire Diaries and he also played Gaga's lover in her video You and I

When did she get a boyfriend? I never imagined Gaga to be so lovey dovey. I guess because I'm so used to her being in character on stage and I've never seen her wrapped up with someone in a relationship. 

Could these two be house hunting in Pennsylvania? Read here >>> E! Online.

Below is supposedly the first photo taken of the couple, they were recently spotted in California. According to The Sun, these two would always leave hotels, bars or anywhere separately to avoid being pictured together.

Well here they are!

Out in the open: The first photos of Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Taylor Kinney have emerged proving that they are a couple