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Postponing Christmas

"Some people have always postponed Christmas celebrations because their jobs don't pause for the holiday. But in the weak economy, folks are delaying Christmas for another reason: money." - The Associated Press

I just read this article that was published today: When the most wonderful day of the year comes late which talks about postponing Christmas, shopping after the holiday to rack up on those after Christmas sales and the article also talks about the birth of Christ. 

This is an awesome idea.

There's no longer a need to stress about last minute shopping. I already decided that I'm celebrating Christmas on December 29th, I'll be home and I'll have my paycheck by then so my family will receive their gifts around that time too.

I don't think it's bad to give gifts after the 25th. Shoot, people better be happy that they receive any type of present. Just don't let Christmas presents leak into Valentine's Day, then you're kinda pushing it. But from the 25th to around the first week of January seems fine to me.

"The strategy can pay off. After Christmas, retailers offer discounts of up to 75 percent on a wider variety of items than they do in the weeks leading up to the holiday."

Happy shopping!