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Tell It Tuesdays: The Internet has Totally Taken Over, Now There's a Video Chat Santa

Parents who can’t face another mall Santa line can now let their kids video chat with Santa instead.

I recently read a press release about’s Santa who will be available for gift requests daily starting on December 15th. 

"The turn-by-turn platform ensures that every child can talk one-on-one with Santa. Children are encouraged to log in accompanied by an adult. The video chat room will be constantly monitored by administrators to ensure the safety and well-being of all users."

Times surely have changed! I remember going to the mall and lining up to sit on Santa’s lap to tell him what I want for Christmas, then we take a picture (which I'm sure I still have around somewhere).

Now with the world quickly at our finger tips, the internet allows children to skip out on the in-person Santa experience and instead talk to him via internet.

I'm shaking my head as I'm writing this because I feel like kids nowadays are missing out on some of the cool experiences that people my age used to do. Like playing outside instead of playing video games inside all day or chatting on the computer. What a shame.

Is having the world at our finger tips making the future generation lazy?


  1. Kids don't even socialize in person anymore. My little cousin spends more time on gaming websites chatting with kids than actually playing with them in person. Crazy! What happened to the days of Barbie when we would socialize FACE to FACE and build interpersonal skills.

  2. Right! Anything and everything is online now and it's only gonna get worse


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