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Reducing Stress During Holiday Shopping

People walk past signs announcing after-Christmas sales at shops on December 28, 2009 in Berlin, Germany. Analysts have predicted a poor economic outlook for Germany in 2010 as the country continues to feel the effects of the global financial crisis.
So as I'm waiting for my holiday spirit to kick in I figured I will keep posting my holiday ideas.

I started my Christmas shopping this past weekend, instead of waiting to the very last minute and the malls were of course packed with people taking advantage of the last full weekend of shopping before Christmas, which is already next Sunday!

I recently tallied up my list of who I have to buy gifts for this Christmas and it came to 12 people!

That may not seem like a lot but it went up from last years count. We often find themselves shopping for people outside of family; like friends, boyfriend/girlfriend's family and coworkers. I don't like the whole secret Santa idea but I do suggest it if you have a lot of friends, extended family and coworkers to shop for.

The hardest person for me to shop for this year, was my boss. I spent an hour just to find a small, perfect gift, nothing too expensive but something that doesn't look cheap. The safe route: I shopped at a sporting store and got something that has the Steelers logo on it since that is his favorite football team.

Ways to reduce Christmas shopping stress

  • Don't get caught up with the media when they advertise shopping deals and savings.  I have a problem, when I see a really good sale, I just pick up any and everything. Sales may force you to over shop and spend more than what you can afford which will bring on stress, because trust me you may feel good while you're shopping but once you realize a lot of your money is gone, it'll be a different story.
  • Evaluate the reasons why you're giving a specific person a present and remember it is the thought that counts not how much it says on the price tag.

  • Don't look at Christmas shopping as a chore. People tend to get discourage when thinking about spending money, finding the right gift and waiting around in lines and crowds of people at the mall. Instead go at your own leisure, pace yourself and when getting a gift that counts or a gift that someone really needs, it will make you feel even better instead of stressing over whether you think the person will like the gift or not.

  • I suggest going Christmas shopping by yourself. When buddied up, I think people tend to spend more money. Also, they might not want to go to the same stores as you and this means more time spent in the mall. When you shop alone, you're quicker, in and out, less money spent.

  • Last but not least, reward yourself. I know this sounds stingy... but I rather shop for myself, lol. So have a little money left over to treat yourself to a Christmas present. This always makes me feel better.
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