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Love & Hip Hop: Mama Jones' Hustle, Jim Shoots a Video and Chrissy Refuses to Apologize

Love & Hip Hop is back this week after being M.I.A last week. Teairra Marie sets Emily up on a "date" but Emily says she's not ready and doesn't know how to act around a man. Emily however agrees to go bowling with Teairra and they meet up with two men. Emily tells her "date" that she's not ready to date but he wants to see her again.

"All guys are great on the first date, or whatever that was because that wasn't a date," Emily said.

"I think Emily needs to stop putting so much pressure on herself, take the granny panties off and don't wear any panties at all," Teairra Mari said.

Emily later on helps design a major fashion show and she invites Fabolous who shows up and we see him sitting in the front of the audience. 

Emily says ever since she left, Fabolous is starting to come around more. She also confesses to Olivia later that her and Fabolous are doing better and they actually went out to dinner after the fashion show.

The girls think Emily should make Fabolous work extra hard to get back with her. Emily says she's not going back until she gets a ring.

Emily and Chrissy have a heart-to-heart and Chrissy said Jim needs to get his stuff together. Chrissy said she isn't going to push the issue of marriage with Jim anymore but says if he loses her he'll be sorry.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta spin-off

Kimbella meets up with Olivia and Yandy over dinner and they all discuss Chrissy. Kimbella is still on the fighting situation and said she has to get an apology for getting punched in the face. Yandy advises her to do what she has to do and Kimbella said she's going to handle it.

Kimbella later on sends Chrissy a long email saying she wants to meet up with her so they can talk and she tells Chrissy through the email that she demands an apology.

Chrissy said Kimbella needs to leave her alone and move forward. She said Kimbella is not her type of b*tch on any level. Olivia said Kimbella keeps pushing the issue and might get punched again. But Olivia is taking both sides and needs to stop because she was just kickin' it with Kimbella... not cool.

Kimbella and Chrissy meet up later and nothing gets resolved and no, Chrissy does not apologize to her. Kimbella said she thinks it's so hard for Chrissy to apologize because she has too much pride and now says she doesn't want the apology anymore.
After Emily's fashion show, Yandy and Chrissy talk. Yandy hasn't seen Chrissy since Chrissy walked out on her and now Yandy demanded an apology from Chrissy.

Chrissy said, "You and Kimbella must be drinking from the same stupid juice because it's not happening."

Chrissy, Jim and Mama Jones all meet up for lunch and Mama Jones drops the news that she wants Chrissy and Jim to be a part of her video for "Psychotic" which is the Chrissy diss song that we previously heard.

Mama Jones is really on her hustle, lol. Chrissy shows up at Mama Jones' video shoot later on but decides she will not be apart of the video because the whole song started over something that came from a negative place between them.

Mama Jones created a whole new word after Chrissy told her in the last episode that "Psychotic" was spelled wrong on Mama Jones' t-shirts. So the new word is "Physchotic" and the definition to go along with it: the state of getting physical before becoming psychotic, according to Mama Jones. LOL!

Love Hip Hop Rave 111219Jim starts his movement "Vampire Life" and he shoots a video for the song "Blood on my Shoes" in a rave-like club setting in which he gives his manager, Yandy 48 hours to magically make it all happen.

Olivia has another meltdown over her sinking music career and says she is busting her a** and noone is noticing. 

Rich says Olivia is extremely defensive and that she needs to open up and be the girl that 100 girls run behind.

And I just want to say, Rich is an ugly crier lol. And I'm sick of Olivia crying! Ughh, enough.

Well, tune in next week! Looks like another fight is gonna go down, involving Kimbella of course.