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Tamar Braxton Gets Her Own Show

"Oh lawd!" is what I thought when I first read about this...

According to reports, the very extra, Ms .com herself, Tamar Braxton and her producer husband, Vincent Herbert are getting their own reality show in the near future, which they will talk about tonight on Braxton Family Values.

According to S2S, Tamar was voted 'fan favorite' and "Braxton Family Values buffs know that Tamar was the breakout star of the debut season, and she was even voted a fan favorite."

I see why she is the popular sister on the show but at times Tamar is too much for me. I would of course watch the first episode as I always do with new reality shows, but I'm not sure if I would watch a whole season of her.

What exactly would we see? Her constantly complaining about wanting to be a star, her always bugging her husband about something or her working in the studio so she can become as big as her sister, Toni?

I dunno, we'll see. Will you watch?


  1. Probably not. Last night's episode was just about all I could stand of Tamar. I found her to be ALL THE WAY annoying.

    Geez ... I felt so bad for Vincent.

    Plus ... their relationship is just ... weird. It's almost like she refuses to understand that she is a trophy wife. Nothing more.

  2. So true...she is a trophy wife and I really don't see how he puts up with her


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