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WTF Wednesdays!: A Mom Denied Foodstamps Shoots Herself and Her Children

This story definitely made me say WTF is wrong with people!...

If you didn't hear about this craziness last week, there was a Texas mother who visited a state welfare office with two of her kids.

Supposedly her and her family were struggling to stay on their feet and the mother was denied food stamps at the office. When she was denied, she shot her kids and shot her self!

And before the shootings, the daughter updated her Facebook status about the incident and said, "I may die today" according to the Daily News.

Read the full story HERE.

There are truly some wacked out people out there and they are involving their kids as well. Some people are feeling like it is easier to die than deal with their problems. Like I just don't get it.

This is just crazy and sad.


  1. So I read the full article and GOSH just re-do the application and fill out that missing key information you omitted before killing yourself. It wasn't like they just said NO for no reason! I am glad that I have a strong support and belief system because I think some of these people don't which is why they feel their only way out is to die.

  2. Right! And to take your children with you..smh, even worse.


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