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Throwback Thursdays: The Backslide a.k.a Moonwalk; Calloway, Daniels & Jackson

I recently watched a show on Centric that explained the origins of Soul Train which also talked about Jeffrey Daniels, from the R&B group Shalamar.

Daniels created the backslide dance which we call "The Moonwalk" the cool backwards gliding that I'm sure we have all tried to do at least once.

So I started going on a You Tube frenzy and wanted to post all these dance videos of the men who made Moonwalking hot; Jeffrey Daniels, Michael Jackson and of course the late, great Cab Calloway.

Jeffrey Daniels is also the guy who taught Michael Jackson how to Moonwalk and was Jackson's inspiration.

Check out the 1:44 mark in the video below, Jeffrey Daniels is smooth with it and can dance his a** off!

There are many theories on who actually created the Moonwalk, which possibly started back in the 1930's by Cab Calloway who did similar steps shown in the video below around the 2:35 mark.

We'll never know who started this dance, Michael Jackson never claimed to have invented it but we all know he popularized the dance move on Motown 25 in 1983 when he performed to his hit "Billie Jean."

I also added the video below of Jamie Foxx for the hell of it. He was Moonwalking on the 2009 BET Awards when he paid tribute to MJ. Jamie was actually doing good in the beginning but then messed up. This makes me chuckle:


  1. WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL! LOL I have always wanted to be able to scream that to him, but I can't now...sad face. But yea it is crazy how many things people did not invent, just popularized. Same thing goes for inventions we USE in life today, like spanks. Women have been cuttin up their pantyhose for decades! LOL, It just took one person to say hey I'm tryna make this money honey to get it popularized.


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