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T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle Review

Ok so I'm extra late with blogging about this show, I just watched it on my Tivo and didn't plan on talking about it but T.I and Tiny are too cute! So here I am.

What I like about this show is how they are both so down for each other and loyal. In The Family Huslte so far, we see T.I. as the family man who is back to make up for the 11 months he missed out on while serving his prison time.

T.I. Family Hustle Snags Huge Ratings

Back-to-back episodes premiered on Monday on VH1 and in the first episode "God, Family, Hustle" we see Tiny missing her boo boo. Some behind the scene footage is shown of what went on with T.I. finishing his jail sentence and the whole tour bus transportation incident back in September which landed him going right back to jail after he was released the first time.

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After all of this and being released from a halfway house, T.I shows up at his house earlier than expected and shocks Tiny and his family. On making his return, T.I. instills some structure and order back in his home.

The bathroom scene was so cute and just like a married couple, claiming sides and space. T.I. was like, "I don't want to smell goods of fruity nature on my side of the counter." And he asked Tiny to move her stuff to her side of the counter.

In the second episode "Booty Tag" T.I. makes a return to the studio and adjusts to his personal life after jail. Tiny comes to the studio in support of her man and says she doesn't mind going where he goes and will do whatever it is she has to do to get her time in with him.

T.I. sets up rehearsal time to make a return on the BET Hip Hop Awards as the opening act, which already aired back in October. He said this was the same awards show that he was arrested on in 2007, so there was a sense of history there for T.I. and he said opening this years show was huge for him.

In between rehearsals T.I. wants to make up the time he missed with his children and he attends some of their sporting games. In one scene we see his driver missing an exit on the highway, delaying T.I's time to get to his sons football game which causes him to be late to rehearsal.

T.I. calls his son, Damoni and says he won't be able to make the game because he has to get to the BET rehearsal. After hearing his sons disappointment on the phone, T.I. makes a change of plans and decides the BET rehearsal will have to wait and he showed up at Domani's game instead.

"Over the years I've grown and I love my career, however I love my family more," T.I. said.

Afterwards, T.I. shows up at the BET rehearsal and when he's in his celebrity trailer his children are talking about playing "booty tag." Lol. His kids are too cute. T.I. said his little son, King has swag already.

Towards the end of the show T.I. says he now has his children in check, his career in check and last but not least he takes care of his wife.

Tiny arrives home from getting her hair done and when she walks in she's surprised by T.I. who is dressed up in a suit and wearing a chef apron, he prepared dinner and when she walks in their bedroom there are a bunch of gifts laid out for her.

T.I. knows how to treat his woman!

Their sex dialogue is so cute and funny and Tiny's alter ego "Ryder" comes out. After dinner they head to the bedroom to take care of adult business.

Tiny said, "I do have the king and he treats me like a queen." Awww!

I don't know how many times I said "aww" while watching this show.