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Throwback Thursdays: "I Want to Be Your Man" (Video)

I absolutely love this song: "I Want to Be Your Man" by Zapp and Roger also known as "The Zapp Band." The song recently popped up in my head so I had to blog about it and use it as my throwback joint for today.

This song is also played in my favorite movie Love & Basketball. The funk and soul band came out with this jam in 1989. Dangggg I was only 4-years-old!

I would say this is like the beginning of Auto-Tunes, the T-Pain type of music. 

In this video, there is a long tube that the band is using in their mouths connected to a board while they sing to make that Auto-Tuned sound we hear in today's music.

The tube and box is called a Talk Box known as " a guitar effect" which was very popular back in the day for many musicians and which is also one thing that gave this group much success during their time. 

This right here is some real soul music, check out the live version below:

The Jheri curl in the music video below is serious! Lol. 

It's sad that the main singer and one of the main leaders of the whole Funk movement, Roger Troutman died, which I didn't even know until I looked up some info on the band.

His brother, Larry Troutman, who was also in the group, shot and killed him and then Larry killed himself, which was deemed a murder-suicide case back in 1999, ten years after their hit "I Want to Be Your Man" debuted.


  1. HAHA! That was too funny! It was so low-tech, but hey it worked back then. That tube looks kind of funny though.

  2. Yeah right! Now everything is so computerized.. i love this song


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