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WTF Wednesdays!: Man Dies 1 Hour After Eating Cocaine From a Peculiar Place

I was reading Necole Bitchie and saw another disturbing story last week  that made me say WTF! 

A man reportedly died last month shortly after he ingested an entire ounce of cocaine that had previously been stashed in his brother’s butt...yes I said butt.

The older brother persuades the younger brother to do a simple favor for him: swallow the cocaine hiding in his butt  so that the cops wouldn’t find it on him, he didn't want to get anymore strikes. And the younger brother did it!

The older brothers last words to his younger brother were, “I love you bro” and then the video fades out. Shortly after ingesting the ounce of coke, police say the younger brother went into convulsions and started to bleed from his mouth.

This is crazy! 

Read the whole story HERE. Below is the video footage of the two brothers in the back of the squad car, discussing how to get rid of the drugs:


  1. Um can we say stupid? Like I don't know anything about cocaine, but I dont think swallowing an ounce of it is a good thing to do. Love is blind sometimes, even when it comes to family!


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