Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Amber Rose "Fame" New Music & Now Amber Forgives Kim K.

So this is what we've been waiting for?

Amber Rose said she has been in the studio a lot lately and her debut song "Fame" featuring her boo Wiz Khalifa just premiered on the internet this morning and people are buzzing with their opinions. 

Me personally, I think the beat is kinda hot and that's about it. The pop sound mixed with her voice sounds like little kid music, like this is a song that belongs on Glee or some play production. 

Wiz Khalifa comes in and raps his part which makes the song a little bit better, but eh.

Listen below. Are you feeling the song? Agree to disagree. 

And for some celeb gossip: TMZ recently reported that Amber Rose has forgiven Kim Kardashian for allegedly hooking up with Kanye West behind her back. Amber also said she feels bad for calling Kim a "home-wrecker" because she's all about women empowerment. 

Amber Rose Puts Kim K. on Blast For Sleeping with Her Ex

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